Tower Lifts Working with Redbridge Council to Improve Access to Education by Installing Disability Lifts

Tower Lifts are delighted to be working with Redbridge Council once more. Previously we have installed passenger lifts at Glade Primary School and Seven Kings High School in London; we have now been asked by the Council to install a disability access lift at Cleveland Primary School in Ilford. A reputation which creates repeat work is hard won, and we are proud to be a lift installation supplier of choice in London.

Cleveland Primary School is housed in a Victorian building in London’s East End. The school is committed to providing access for students and staff with disabilities, and so a lift would seem to be the ideal solution. The age of the school, and the need to utilise every single square inch of space for teaching, meant that the Tower Lifts London lift design and installation team were faced with two challenges: there was no room for a lift shaft, and even a vertical platform lift (which doesn’t require a lift shaft) was too big for the allocated space.

Bespoke Wheelchair Lift

Tower Lifts Provides Bespoke Disabled Access Lift.

Whilst we offer a great range of lift models, we know that every single job will offer unique challenges. Our lift designers were able to adapt the vertical platform lift to fit the space available, and still meet DDA regulations. We will now be fitting a custom sized, screw driven platform lift which will provide access over two floors for wheelchair users and passengers experiencing mobility issues, visual impairment or asthma related problems. The screw driven platform lift is popular with older school buildings because it is free-standing – which means that installation is relatively fast – and provides all the advantages of traditional vertical transport, but without the need of a lift shaft.

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Delivering Disability Lifts Across the UK

We are currently experiencing heavy demand from schools and public sector buildings across the UK, for disability lifts that can be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the operating environment. We provide a range of platform lifts which are ideal for wheelchair users, offer a great passenger experience, and integrate stylishly with their surroundings. For short inclines, we use the step lift which can be installed inside or out; for staircases we recommend the curved or straight platform lift, and for transportation between floors we can adapt the vertical platform lift to the requirements of your space and aesthetic.

Disability  Lifts Designed to be Safe

At Tower Lifts we supply only fully compliant platform lifts and we pride ourselves on the safety training which is a requirement for our engineers and installers. We are ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert, and all of our work is DDA compliant. Over the years we have gained a reputation for the disability lifts our team has installed, and we take every care to guard and enhance that reputation with each new challenge we take on.

In addition to Disability Lifts, we can also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout the UK including:

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