Installing a Lift in Your Home

5 Questions to Ask When Installing a Lift in Your Home

Installing a lift in your home can be the perfect solution if you’re wanting to future proof the family residence, provide wheelchair accessibility, or boost your property’s value. For many of the clients the Tower Lifts team work with, it’s also a major investment requiring careful thought and planning in advance.

It’s important, therefore, to be sure that the home lift you install is:

  • Appropriate to your needs.
  • Customised to fit with the style of your home
  • Suitable for the size and shape of your property
  • Economic to run

We’ve come up with 5 questions that can help ensure all the above, when selecting your residential lift installers.

What Sort of Lift Should I Get?

The range of residential lift options is huge: platform lifts, small home lifts, external lifts. So, it’s important to be sure that you’re getting a lift that is appropriate for your requirements. Your installer should be asking what you want your lift for, and how many people will use it. They should also offer you the option of a bespoke lift design which is tailored to your property and your needs.

What Kind of Installation is Possible?

If you are retrofitting a lift in your home, your architecture will play a part in determining what kind of lift is installed. You’ll also need to consider the amount of space a lift will take up. Ask your lift installer to demonstrate the floorspace your lift will cover before making any decision about installation.

Can I Customise My Lift?

The style and décor of your home is unique to you, and so you want to be sure that your lift fits in with it. The question to ask is how much you will be able to customise your lift. At Tower Lifts our clients play an active part in the design process. They decide on the finish and colour; they are also invited to contribute to the design of the cabin interior if installing a vertical, or passenger lift.

How Expensive is a Home Lift to Run?

Whilst the amount of energy used differs with each different lift mechanism, the consumption is generally low. Developers of lift systems recognise the advantages of creating low-energy models for home use. The Tower Lifts designers and installers implement energy saving components wherever possible.

How Long Does Installation Take?

The installation period depends upon the kind of lift that’s being installed. Your period of installation can, therefore, range from a few days to a few weeks. Having a lift fitted is disruptive to your household, so it’s useful to know exactly how long the disruption will go on for, so that you can make plans well in advance.

About Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is one of the UK’s leading designers and installers of platform lifts and home lifts in the UK. We’ve been providing residential lifts for nearly two decades now, and we ensure that the lifts we install look good, perform well and suit the needs of clients. We are compliant with all lift regulations, and passenger safety is always our priority.

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