Installing a Home Lift Outside

Installing a Home Lift Outside

Have You Thought About Installing a Home Lift Outside?

The home lift is an idea that has been gaining ground rapidly over the past few years. It’s now considered the ideal solution for people who are future-proofing their homes. Installing a home lift ensures that you’ll be able to remain in the family home, retain your independence, and enjoy accessing every part of your property.

The Tower Lifts team has worked with a number of clients who are concerned about the impact of inclined platform lifts, or vertical platform lifts on their home environment. They want to keep their interiors free of lift technology whilst still enjoying the access it provides. If this is the case, we suggest installing a home lift outside.

How Difficult Is Installing a Home Lift Outside?

This tends to be the first question we get asked about external lifts for houses. In fact, they’re quite simple to install. Platform lifts are designed to work indoors, or out, and external installation is free from many of the architectural challenges that can beset residential lifts.

An external step lift can help with accessing a stepped approach to your front door. Alternatively, the vertical platform lift offers independent access to every floor of your home.

Ideal for Smaller Homes

If there is no easy solution to fitting a home lift inside, an external lift is an excellent alternative. It’s also ideal for properties where the architectural style makes installation difficult. Moving your access solution outside allows families to maintain the character of their property, whilst knowing that future access is assured, if and when required.

Alternative Uses for An External Lift

Whilst installing a home lift outside tends to be thought of as a ‘future-proofing’ solution, we have also encountered homes where it’s providing radical solutions to living spaces. Families with older children, who are still at home, can live independent lives with the help of an external lift to their part of the property. And for families with disabled relatives, or friends, it ensures that the property is fully inclusive for weekend visits.

Properties With External Lifts Sell Well

The UK has an ageing population. The Health Foundation states that over the next 25 years, the number of people older than 85 will double to 2.6 million. When the time comes to sell your home, therefore, the external lift feature is likely to be an extremely attractive enhancement for buyers. It’s also an attractive addition to your property; it can be customised utilising glass panels to capture and reflect natural light.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is one of the UK’s leading designers and installers of platform lifts and home lifts in the UK and we’re excited at the possibilities that installing a home lift outside open up. Our team of engineers has been providing residential lifts for nearly two decades now, and we ensure that the lifts we install look good, perform well and suit the needs of clients.

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