Passenger Lifts in Kent

Lifts have long been recognised as the most reliable, efficient and accessible form of passenger transport for multi-storey residential buildings. Over the past decade we have been experiencing growth in demand for passenger lifts in Kent and we are delighted to announce our latest project; our lift engineers in Kent will be installing passenger lifts in Sidcup House apartments, Sidcup, Kent.

Passenger Lift Installation at Sidcup House Apartments

Tower Lifts has been asked to install two passenger lifts which will provide vertical transport for residents throughout the seven floors of Sidcup House. Our lift engineers in Kent will provide a standard 10 person carriage and a firefighting lift. Whilst both lifts will provide the standard features, ensuring access for wheelchair users and those experiencing mobility issues, the EN81:72 firefighting lift will also incorporate trap-doors and ladders for rescue operations, and the electrics within the lift will be protected from splashing water.

Why Fit Firefighting Lifts and Passenger Lifts in Kent?

Firefighting lifts such as the EN81:72 have been a design feature in apartment building for over three decades now and our lift engineers in Kent are able to advise clients on the strict regulations designed to provide protection in case of a fire to apartment residents. These lifts provide access for firefighting crews to every floor of the building, they have a backup power supply, and built-in safety features such as an override which cancels all car-calls in the event of an emergency. Additionally, firefighting lifts require the installation of a ‘Fireman’s Switch’ in the lobby of the apartment building; this switch allows firefighters full control over the lift service on call-out.

Passenger Lifts in Kent Providing Excellent Service for Residents

Passenger lifts in Kent

As a highly sought after lift company in Kent we are perfectly positioned to offer expert advice to clients who are developing vertical transport solutions in apartment buildings. At Tower Lifts we install lifts that offer the very best service to residents – which mean reliable day-to-day transport, and protection against life-threatening incidents such as fire. Where a firefighting lift has been fitted, regular maintenance and servicing is required in order to ensure that all the safety features are operating efficiently and our lift engineers in Kent will provide clients with full details of our comprehensive maintenance and servicing plans as a complement to lift installation.

ISO-9001bgIf you have a passenger lift installed which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently

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