Case Study – Installation of Goods/Passenger Lift at the Pillar Hotel, North London

Enhancing The Pillar Hotel’s Vertical Transport

The Pillar Boutique Hotel in North London was built in 1893, when a lift would have been an unlikely way to travel between floors. Its 21st century incarnation retains the old-fashioned Victorian charm but needed a reliable and stylish solution to transport guests and staff between the ground floor and first floor.

The Tower Lifts Solution

Tower Lifts installed a custom 2-stop passenger/goods lift that blended with the hotel’s existing architecture and aesthetic. The lift featured:

  • Dual functionality. The ability to transport both passengers and goods, eliminating the need for a separate goods lift and improving operational efficiency.
  • Contemporary design. Matching the hotel’s commitment to a blend of Victorian charm with elegant contemporary features.
  • Compact footprint. Minimising disruption to the hotel’s existing layout and maximising available space.
  • Self-supporting structure. No need for a pit or shaft, simplifying installation and minimising downtime.
  • Advanced safety features. Ensuring the highest level of passenger and staff safety.

A Lift Installation With a Positive Impact

The Tower Lifts team prides itself on completing our lift installation on deadline and to our client’s satisfaction. The Pillar Hotel goods/passenger lift was no exception. Our client was delighted not only with our timely completion, but also with the addition to their hotel facilities. The lift improves transport between floors, whilst also offering:

  • Increased guest satisfaction. The new lift provides a smooth, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing experience for guests, enhancing their overall hotel stay.
  • Improved operational efficiency. The dual functionality of the lift streamlines staff operations and reduces reliance on manual transport, leading to cost savings.
  • Enhanced brand image. The elegant, contemporary lift installation complement the hotel’s historic charm, further strengthening its brand image.

Beyond Lift Installation

Tower Lifts’ commitment extends beyond the initial installation. we offer a bespoke maintenance package to ensure the continued performance and longevity of the lift, providing our clients with peace of mind and minimising future downtime.

About Tower Lifts

This case study showcases Tower Lifts’ expertise in delivering custom lift solutions for hotels and historic buildings. Our combination of experience, design flexibility, and commitment to quality makes us the ideal partner for any hotel seeking to enhance their vertical transport system and elevate the guest experience.

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