Tower Lifts Install Dumbwaiter Lifts for a Variety of Functions

The New York inventor George Cannon patented the very first dumbwaiter lift in 1887; for over a century this ingenious method of transporting light goods, food and small objects between floors has continued to provide an essential service to commercial businesses and domestic properties alike. In the early days the dumbwaiter lift – or food lift – was operated using a pulley system; restaurants saw its potential at once, as did wealthy families with a large household to maintain – and a host of servants to maintain it!

Tower Lifts – Leading Suppliers of Dumbwaiter Lifts for the 21st Century

We are proud to be continuing the tradition of George Cannon’s invaluable invention, although the fully automated dumbwaiter lifts we install for our clients in the 21st century are a far cry from the early brake and pulley mechanical version. Dumbwaiter lifts are still very much in demand and as a leading dumbwaiter lift supplier we recognise that each installation is unique requiring bespoke design features that ensure reliability, efficiency, and the highest performance standards for the job it is required to fulfil.

dumbwaiter lifts by tower lifts

Where are Dumbwaiter Lifts Installed?

Over the past fifteen years our highly skilled teams of dumbwaiter lift designers and installers have worked in libraries, hospitals, factories, retail stores, multi-floor domestic properties, restaurants, pubs and multi-story offices.

Wherever there is a need to regularly transport small goods between different areas of the building, dumbwaiter lifts provide a speedy and reliable mode of transport. Restaurants and pubs in particular favour us a their dumbwaiter lift supplier as the installation of a food lift ensures the efficient arrival of steaming hot food to diners, and saves the legs of the waiters!

We recently installed two dumbwaiter lifts for a prestigious new restaurant, San Carlo – Ciccitti, in a fashionable Covent Garden location. Our bespoke design accommodated an existing dumbwaiter lift shaft, requiring the creation of a tailor-made solution for this busy environment where customer service is paramount.

Why Choose Tower Lifts as Your Dumbwaiter Lift Supplier?

Over the years we have accumulated the experience that guarantees you an excellent product, purpose-built to accommodate your needs, and installed to the highest standards. We take safety extremely seriously; all our dumbwaiter lifts are fitted with advanced safety features as a matter of course – these can be further enhanced if the lift is required in an environment (such as a private residence) where children are present.

Once your dumbwaiter lift is installed you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. To ensure that you’ll never need to, we offer lift maintenance services to ensure optimum operational quality and reliability either on your newly-installed lift, or on an existing installation.

If your business has a dumbwaiter installed which requires repairs, we have a team of dedicated experts who will be able to assess, diagnose and plan the schedule of repairs to ensure a fix or replacement of your dumbwaiter lift.


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