Industrial Dumbwaiter Lift

Industrial Dumbwaiter Lift Installation From Tower Lifts

The dumbwaiter lift was originally invented in the mid 18th century to stop servants repeating the scandalous gossip they heard in drawing rooms. Nearly 3 centuries on this ingenious invention is used in restaurants, homes, retail, hotels, and industrial settings. Also known as a ‘cargo lift’, the industrial dumbwaiter lift is perfect for moving heavy goods through multiple floors.

What is a Dumbwaiter Lift?

A dumbwaiter is a cabinet style lift which is usually installed at ‘waist’ or ‘serving’ height. They are generally hand loaded for transport between 2-6 floors. Commercial dumbwaiters are usually powered by an electric motor with guide rollers offering a smooth transition between stops. The materials used in the manufacture of dumbwaiters depends on their usage. They can also be heated, or refrigerated.

The Evolution of the Industrial Dumbwaiter Lift

The typical load for a dumbwaiter lift is fairly light. It may comprise laundry, bags of shopping, plated meals or retail goods. When used in an industrial setting, the dumbwaiter lift requires adaptation to withstand the rigours of its environment. The mechanism is hydraulic and the weight tolerance is customised to meet specific requirements. The size of the lift is determined by the goods that require transporting.

The Benefits Associated With Dumbwaiter Installation

The enduring popularity of the dumbwaiter lift comes down to its ability to solve logistical problems efficiently, and improve health and safety for employees. There’s a whole range of benefits associated with installing them, some applicable to all models, others specific to an industrial application:

  • Reduces injuries caused by manual handling
  • Maximises time efficiency
  • Low maintenance and regulation as dumbwaiters are not passenger lifts
  • Customised to the spatial requirements of the building
  • No engine room
  • Speed of 0.45 MPS
  • Can carry between 50-100kg
  • Harmonised with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Bespoke Dumbwaiter Lifts for Industry

Many of the lifts designed and installed by the Tower Lifts team are bespoke rather than standard. This is because they are tailored specifically to the goods that need to be transported, and the environment in which they’re operating. Our aim is always to provide the best possible vertical transportation for our clients.

Tower Lifts dumbwaiter design and installation includes customisation of virtually all components. We can also install security features, if required, and an intercom system allowing for communication at every stopping point.

About Tower Lifts

For nearly 2 decades we have been installing bespoke dumbwaiter lifts in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Once your dumbwaiter is installed we recommend ongoing maintenance and repairs in order to ensure longevity of use at peak performance. Our maintenance contracts are tailored to each lift that we install, and will guarantee compliance with LOLER regulations and emergency repairs should you need them.

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