Inclined Platform Lift

Inclined Platform Lift

Residential Inclined Platform Lifts

If you’ve been able-bodied for most of your life, adjusting to experiencing the world from a wheelchair is hard. Whether through accident or illness, the transformation impacts every part of life, from how you’re perceived by others, to where you can live. At Tower Lifts we work with wheelchair users who have moved house in order to maintain their independence at home. There’s a whole list of requirements to be met, such as good-sized rooms, hallways that allow for turning the wheelchair, and wide doorways. We get involved when there’s a need for an inclined platform lift to make stairways accessible.

Inclined Platform Lift or Vertical Platform Lift?

Both vertical platform lifts and straight or curved platform lifts move wheelchair users between floors of their home. The difference lies in the method they use to do so:

  • A vertical platform lift looks like a traditional passenger lift. It’s designed to provide vertical transport specifically for wheelchair users between floors.
  • An inclined platform lift transports a wheelchair user up and down stairs. The inclined lift follows the contours of your staircase and can be straight or curved.

The inclined lift tends to be favoured where there’s a worry that the vertical lift could dominate the living space, or where there simply isn’t space for it. Alternatively, inclined lifts are used as an external installation where there are steps leading up to the front door.

A Detailed Look at Inclined Platform Lifts

The inclined platform lift is wall or stanchion mounted. The platform is large enough to take a wheelchair, and it folds away against the operating rail when not being used. This allows for easy use of the stairway by pedestrians.

Constant pressure controls allow the user complete command at all times and the lift stops automatically at its landing spots. To ensure the safety of users, the lift cannot be used until the ramp and barrier arms are securely in place. The system is fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010, EN81-40 safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts, and the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.

Customised Platform Lift Installations

Tower Lifts designers create straight and curved inclined lifts that are bespoke to their operating environment. Our wheelchair lift installations seamlessly integrate with the style of your home and your interior décor. All our inclined lifts come in a range of platform sizes, and can be finished in a variety of tones matched to your home’s colour scheme.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts has been designing and installing platform lifts in London and across the UK for nearly two decades. We work with a range of residential and commercial clients, creating access solutions for wheelchair users and passengers who are mobility impaired. Once your platform lift is up-and-running, we can also provide ongoing platform lift maintenance and 24/7 emergency repairs.

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