Inclined Conveyor Systems for Schuh

We recently installed two inclined conveyor systems for Schuh’s store at the Fort Shopping Centre in Birmingham. Schuh are one of the country’s leading footwear retailers, supplying customers with just about every kind of shoe and boot you can think of.


In order to keep up their strong reputation, Schuh rely in part on being able to quickly, efficiently supply customers with the requested style and size of shoe from their extensive range. In their stores, this requires fast, effective links between the shop floor and the stock room, especially in busy city locations such as Birmingham which could see extensive customer traffic.

For this reason, they called upon us to install two new inclined conveyor systems in their Birmingham store, which is located in the busy Fort Shopping Centre. Through the use of these inclined conveyor systems, the store is able to better ensure a fast, steady flow of products from stock room to shop floor, ensuring that customers are always well-supplied and able to quickly access their full range of products.

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