Hydraulic Car Elevator

If you work or regularly visit any major UK city, you’ll know the ongoing nightmare of parking first hand. There are now 38.4 million cars on the road and larger cars and vans are the fastest growing category. There’s never been such a demand for car parking across the country, which means that new and innovative solutions are urgently being sought.

Tower Lifts may not have the overall answer, but our hydraulic car elevators are helping to solve the space problems in city centre car parks. Until now access ramps have provided entry and exit, but – as space becomes more valuable – car park lifts offer an attractive alternative.

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A Bespoke Hydraulic Car Elevator From Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts design and installation team create bespoke car transportation solutions for clients in garages, car parks, MOT test centres and in residential settings. The car elevators we design can bear loads up to 5,000kg, which makes them suitable for both small and large vehicles. We’re passionate about providing solutions, especially when it comes to solving a pressing problem like car parking.

The Hydraulic Car Elevator Mechanism

The hydraulic elevator system is designed to provide vertical transportation for goods and passengers using a piston, a pump, an oil tank, a motor and a valve. A heavy duty lift that’s designed to carry vehicles, requires a machine room to house the motor, pump and oil. The hydraulic lift works in the following way:

To go up –

  • A pump pushes oil into the cylinder
  •  This pushes the piston
  •  The piston pushes the lift car up.

To go down –

  • A valve opens
  • Oil flows back into the reservoir
  • The lift descends

The valve is a critical component. When it’s open, the oil has one direction of travel only – into the reservoir. When the valve is closed the oil can only pass from the reservoir into the cylinder. The movement of the oil is controlled from the lift cabin which operates the pump. When the lift reaches its destination, the pump is turned off and the lift rests on the piston, which is held in place by the oil in the cylinder.

Traction or Hydraulic Car Elevator?

If you lack the necessary space for an hydraulic car elevator, you could consider a traction elevator as an alternative. A traction, or counterweight lift works using a cables, a pulley, a motor and counterweight. As the lift ascends the counterweight descends and vice versa. The counterweight reduces the pressure on the motor, ensuring longevity of service.

Car Elevator Solutions From Tower Lifts

At Tower Lifts we believe in starting with the challenge or problem to be solved, and then designing the elevator that will solve it. Our creative design team relish a challenge and in the vast majority of cases they are able to install exactly the solution clients require.

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