How to Select the Perfect Commercial Lift

How to Select the Perfect Commercial Lift

A Tower Lifts Guide to Picking the Right Commercial Lift

Project planning for new or renovated commercial buildings nearly always includes the challenge of moving people efficiently within the structure. This involves not only deciding how many lifts are needed but also selecting the perfect commercial lift for the job. At Tower Lifts, we get it. We understand the ins and outs of commercial lift requirements, and our goal is to make sure your vertical transportation needs are met.

For over a decade, since 2006, Tower Lifts has been a trusted collaborator in bringing commercial lift projects to life. We engage in close partnerships with architects and building developers, offering a full-service package that spans from the project’s initial design to its flawless execution, all the way to efficient project management and installation. This gives us the insight and technical expertise to offer guidance on selecting the right commercial lift.

A Variety of Commercial Lifts to Suit Your Needs

When it comes to commercial lifts, the choices can be as diverse as the businesses they serve. Let’s take a look at the options available:

  1. Passenger Lift. These are the standard lifts for moving people up and down. Whether you’re on foot or using a mobility aid, these lifts have you covered.
  2. Platform Lift. Perfect for those in wheelchairs or with visual impairments, platform lifts provide accessibility. In tight spaces or buildings with fewer floors, they can be a space-saving alternative to passenger lifts.
  3. Wheelchair Lift. Tailored specifically for wheelchair users, these lifts come with automatic door openers, remote controls, and a range of customisable finishes.
  4. Goods Lift. If you need to move bulky items, furniture, equipment, or supplies, the goods lift is your go-to choice for efficient transportation.
  5. Dumbwaiter Lift. These small, cabinet-style lifts are perfect for swiftly transporting food, laundry, or small goods between floors. Restaurants and hotels find them especially useful.
  6. Bed Lift. Hospitals and care facilities rely on bed lifts to transport patients in their hospital beds between different levels.
  7. Firefighter Lift. This versatile lift does double duty by assisting in emergencies and serving as a regular passenger lift. When emergencies strike, it smoothly transitions to emergency service, ensuring everyone’s safety.

At Tower Lifts, we’re here to make sense of this array of choices and help you find the lift that suits your unique commercial needs.

Choosing the Right Commercial Lift For Your Needs

Selecting the right commercial lift for your building requires careful analysis of the functions it will fulfil. Traffic analysis is your first priority, and then building requirements and the kind of passengers the lift will serve.

1. Traffic Analysis

Decisions about the number of lifts you need, where you need them, and the type and size of lifts required should be made subsequent to your traffic analysis.

A traffic analysis involves studying the flow of people and goods in a building. By assessing factors like peak usage times, the number of users, their mobility requirements, and the types of items to be transported, we gain insights to tailor the lift type, size, and capacity to meet specific needs, ensuring efficient vertical mobility tailored to your commercial space.

2. Passenger Profiles

The selection of the right commercial lift is highly dependent on the people who will use it. In a bustling retail environment, considerations must include accommodating passengers with shopping bags and strollers. Conversely, in a residential care home, the requirements differ significantly. It’s essential to think about whether passengers can operate the lift autonomously and if they are likely to be burdened with baggage.

3. Building Age

Installing commercial lifts in a new construction project is often a straightforward process. However, when retrofitting lifts into older buildings, structural constraints can limit the introduction of a conventional lift shaft. In such scenarios, we may propose a platform lift as a versatile alternative solution, ensuring accessibility without compromising the structural integrity of the building.

4. Assessing Available Headroom and Pit Depth

The space available for your lift is a critical factor. Passenger lifts typically demand more headroom and pit depth, offering advantages like increased usage frequency, faster speeds, and greater travel distances. Where space is restricted, we may recommend a low pit/low headroom lift. These are engineered to operate efficiently within reduced pit depths and ceiling heights, making them the perfect choice for sites with space constraints.

These lifts adhere to EN81-21 of the lift regulations the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, ensuring safety and compliance.

5. Lift Aesthetics

Both passenger and bespoke platform lifts offer customisation options for the lift cabin’s ceiling, walls, and flooring. Each option offers a personalised finish, ensuring the lift aligns with the ambiance of the building, or your company branding. Whether you seek a design that harmonises with the building’s aesthetic or prefer a unique look, we can create the lift you want.

To read about our recent lift installation in an Art Deco building, click here.

Lift Aesthetics

6. Navigating Lift Regulations and Building Requirements

Commercial lifts are governed by various standards and regulations, covering aspects like vandal resistance, fire safety (EN81-72), and emergency evacuation (BS999), among others. If your project requires adherence to specific standards, simply let us know and we will ensure full compliance.

Partnering with Tower Lifts

Our team at Tower Lifts comprises experienced designers and factory-trained engineers, who offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your commercial project. As an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company, our unwavering commitment is to uphold the most rigorous safety and quality standards. With a steadfast dedication to adhering to Lift Regulations, we consistently deliver full-service solutions that ensure the highest standards of safety, reliability, and excellence are met throughout every stage of your project.

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