How Office Lifts Improve Workplace Experience

How Office Lifts Improve Workplace Experience

Discover the Untapped Potential of Office Lifts

Any building with multiple floors is required to provide office lifts for employees and visitors to access their workplace. But is that the only function an office lift fulfils? At Tower Lifts we design office lifts that also celebrate inclusivity, communicate a brand’s values, create memorable experiences for visitors and demonstrate a commitment to both innovative technology and energy-efficiency.

In this blog, we consider the untapped potential of office lifts. We’ll use examples to show how an office lift can significantly enhance your business, contribute to an improved workplace experience, as well as, crucially, deliver reliable vertical transport.

1. Creating an Inclusive Workplace with Accessible Office Lifts

In the 21st century workplace, it’s essential to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and able to participate fully. Office lifts play a pivotal role in achieving this inclusivity by ensuring equal access for all employees and visitors, regardless of their mobility limitations.

The Equality Act (2010) mandates that buildings provide accessible facilities for people with disabilities, including those with impaired mobility. To comply with these regulations and promote a truly inclusive workspace, office lifts must be designed and maintained to meet the highest standards of accessibility.

Features for Inclusive Lifts

Spacious cabins, level entry platforms, and automatic doors are just a few of the essential features that make office lifts fully inclusive for wheelchair users. These features enable individuals with disabilities to move freely throughout the building, providing independence and engagement.

In addition to these core elements, additional considerations include:

  • Handrail. Secure handrails integrated into the lift car provide a stable support for individuals navigating with wheelchairs.
  • Manoeuvrable Cabins. The cabin must be spacious enough to accommodate wheelchairs with ease, allowing for comfortable and efficient movement.
  • Clear Controls. Lift controls should be simple to locate, read, and operate, even for individuals with visual impairments. Visual and audible indicators further enhance accessibility.
  • Visible Entrances. A wide, clear entrance ensures easy access to the lift, while ample illumination inside the cabin and stairwells promotes visibility and safety.
  • Precise Stopping. Precision stopping ensures the safety of disabled passengers at entry and exit, particularly those with mobility limitations.
  • Regular Maintenance. Regular lift maintenance ensures that the equipment is functioning properly at all times, minimising downtime, and providing uninterrupted accessibility.

2. Communicating Brand Values

Office lift branding often begins with the company logo and colour palette being integrated into the door and surround design. Why stop there? Go further with backlit panels showcasing the logo or opt for custom floor indicators and thematic lighting to immerse passengers in a sensory brand experience.

Make each journey count by providing inspirational quotes on cabin walls or floors. Consider enhancing the transport experience with a corporate video. Office lifts can be more than a function; instead, they can evolve into an extension of your brand’s core values, creating a lasting impression that resonates with both employees and visitors alike.

3. Bespoke Office Lifts That Create a Lasting Impression

Tower Lifts has a reputation for designing and installing bespoke lifts that transcend transportation and transform the passenger journey into an unforgettable experience. Beyond ensuring passenger safety and comfort, we strive to create lifts that surprise, delight, and linger in the memory.

Bespoke Office Lifts That Create a Lasting Impression
  • Bold Cabin Interior Design. Ditch the bland and embrace the bold with a customised cabin interior that reflects your business’ unique style.
  • Circular Glass Lift. Our innovative designs have integrated circular lifts into spiral staircases, showcasing the interplay of form and function. Free yourself from conventional boundaries and allow your lift to become a work of art.
  • Vintage Elegance. Step back in time with a vintage lift design that transports passengers to a bygone era of luxury and sophistication.
  • Scenic Lifts. Transform your lift into a window to the world with panoramic glass walls. Let the journey itself be an unparalleled experience.
  • External Lifts. Step into the future with an external lift that speaks of a business that embraces the future and is prepared to think differently.

4. Innovative Office Lifts

At Tower Lifts we are committed to incorporating the latest technologies and energy-efficient solutions into our lifts, such as destination control software. By grouping passengers based on their intended destinations, destination control software eliminates unnecessary stops, reducing energy consumption and enhancing passenger experience.

The benefits of this innovative technology include:

  • Reduced Wait Times. Passengers enjoy faster rides, saving time and enhancing overall satisfaction.
  • Increased Handling Capacity. Efficient journeys allow office lifts to handle more passengers per hour, improving overall traffic flow.
  • Cost Savings. Reduced energy consumption translates into lower electricity bills, saving businesses money.
  • Environmental Stewardship. Minimising the environmental impact of elevators aligns with sustainability goals.

About Tower Lifts

Since 2006, Tower Lifts has been a leading provider of passenger lifts, goods lifts, and service lifts to businesses large and small across the UK. In order to ensure the ongoing performance excellence of our lift installations, we also offer scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs.

Tower Lifts is an ISO9001:2008 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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