Household Lifts Bedfordshire

Installing Household Lifts in Bedfordshire

Across the county of Bedfordshire people who never dreamt they’d have a home lift are now discovering it’s an idea that’s both affordable and efficient. The proliferation of household lifts in Bedfordshire stands testament to the industry’s embrace of technological innovation and creative design. Tower Lifts design and installation make houses accessible, provide peace of mind for families, and add value for homeowners.

What are Household Lifts For?

The answers to this question are many and various, but they often boil down to 3 specific requirements:

  1. Future-Proofing. Residential lifts can make the future less frightening for families. Instead of fearing the sale of the family home, a bespoke lift provides a way to plan practically for a time when it may be more difficult to use the stairs.
  2. Accessible Living. People who use wheelchairs, or find walking a challenge, can now adapt their homes and garden to accommodate their needs. Platform lifts are designed specifically to transport wheelchairs between levels or floors.
  3. Luxury Home Lifts. These feature lifts are normally fitted whilst the house is still under construction. This makes it easier to position the lift according to the wishes of the client. A luxury home lift makes life easier, and certainly more fun!

Where Can a Household Lift Go?

Bedfordshire homes come in all shapes and sizes, which is why Tower Lifts design and install bespoke household lifts. The positioning of our lifts is largely dependent on the function it will fulfil. We can provide inclined platform lifts to transport wheelchair users up the stairs, step lifts to navigate short flights of steps internally/externally, or vertical platform lifts for journeys between floors.

Our small lifts for houses are so compact that they can fit pretty much anywhere. Often a spot adjacent to the stairs is popular, but we also design lifts that travel between the kitchen and the bedroom. We can even create lifts that are installed externally. Bespoke scenic lifts in Bedfordshire homes are possible too. We create the casing of the lift in glass and position it to take in a stunning view.

How Disruptive is Lift Installation?

Most of the lifts we install in domestic environments don’t require a lift shaft. This minimises the potential for disruption. The Tower Lifts team will always discuss the schedule carefully with clients to ensure that the family routine isn’t too badly impacted. Once installation begins our engineers are professional, efficient and maintain the agreed schedule.

Working With Tower Lifts

Every client we work with has a different attitude to the introduction of new technology into their home. Whether you’re excited and delighted, or apprehensive and anxious, we’ll take the time to ensure that the design is right for the aesthetic of your home, and that you feel fully confident operating your new lift.

If you have any questions about our household lifts in Bedfordshire, just call us on 01525 601099 to speak to one of the design team.

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