Hospital Lifts

At Tower Lifts we take pride in the fact that our vertical transport installations have a positive impact on business, well-being, housing and leisure. When it comes to the provision of lifts in hospitals, however, we know our lift installations could make the difference between life and death. Which is why we take the work we do with healthcare services extremely seriously.

Hospital Lifts Make Healthcare More Efficient

Ask any consultant, or nursing sister and they will tell you that moving people from one place to another efficiently, is key to the effective running of a healthcare facility. Just imagine the chaos if all the lifts were out of action at your local hospital. Whether you’re a visitor, a patient, a surgeon or a porter the priority is being able to negotiate multiple floors using reliable, high quality bespoke vertical transport.


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A Range of Hospital Lifts

For hospital provision, we begin by auditing of the range of lifts required by all the different user groups requiring transport:

Passenger Lifts – hospital passenger lifts need to be manufactured and installed in accordance with the most rigorous safety laws and standards. They are also subject to extremely heavy use which means they need to maximum durability. The heavy throughflow of visitors will necessitate multiple iterations throughout the building.

Patient Lifts – for the secure transport of patients in their beds. These lifts need to accommodate beds, accompanying equipment and a hospital porter or nurse.  The capacity of bed lifts ranges from 1000kg/13 person to 2500kg/33 person and will always require a bespoke design.

Goods Lifts – hospitals manage a complex daily operation which requires the movement of people, goods and food across the hospital. The goods lifts will carry laundry, supplies, food to kitchens, and furniture. We assess the range of goods that require transport, and then design a lift that will reliably meet those needs.

Evacuation Lift – UK hospitals are required to have emergency evacuation procedures in place, including the use of an emergency lift. Also known as a ‘firefighter lift’ an evacuation lift has specialist features including lift access to every floor, key control access, and power backup. They’re used specifically to evacuate people with limited mobility who would be unable to use the stairs.

Hospital Lift Installation for London North West NHS Trust

The Tower Lifts design and installation team recently worked with the London North West NHS Trust at Northwick Park Hospital. Passenger lifts were required to serve the passenger and staff population of around 850,000 at this busy hospital. We provided a bespoke design which would maintain the efficient flow of visitors, patients and medical staff around the clock.

Maintenance and Servicing of Hospital Lifts

Nowhere is it so important to have reliable vertical transport than in hospitals. At Tower Lifts we provide all our clients with bespoke packages that ensure the ongoing maintenance of their lifts. Should there be a hospital lift breakdown, Tower Lifts engineers would consider it an emergency and be on the scene promptly. We prefer, however, to provide high quality transport that supports the efficient delivery of healthcare provision in all our hospitals.

Tower Lifts hospital lift installers also provide a range of lift services including:

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