Tower Lifts Provide Bespoke Home Lifts For Kent

Tower Lifts is the leading provider of home lifts solutions in Kent. Our team has the right combination of skills, knowledge and experience to install a beautiful lift in your home. Each lift is carefully designed to match the specific requirements of the client. We can design and install a lift that perfectly matches the aesthetic of your home and includes all of the features you need. 

Our engineers have installed many residential lifts in Kent and love seeing the transformative effect it has for our clients. A modern residential lift installed by Tower Lifts will help you move around your home comfortably, safely, and efficiently. 

Many of the home lift solutions in Kent that are provided by Tower Lifts are for older clients with disabilities or mobility issues. We can include various safety and accessibility features so your lift can be used by any individual with mobility, visual, or auditory impairments. 

A Range of Home Lift Solutions for Kent and Surrounding Areas

There aren’t many services that can be provided as a one-size-fits-all solution. This is particularly true for residential lifts. The residential lifts installed by Tower Lifts are carefully planned and customised to suit the home in which they will be installed.

Everything from the type of  facia used in the cabin through to the mechanical components of the lift can be customised. We use modern lift technology that can be installed in homes of any size, even when there are space restrictions that prevent the installation of a normal lift shaft.

We often use platform lift technology for domestic Lifts in Kent. A platform lift does not require as much room for mechanical components, which makes the technology perfect for home installations where space is an issue. The most common platform lifts we install include:

Step Lifts

A step lift can help you negotiate any split levels in your home. They are reliable, safe, and don’t take up much room. A step lift is perfect for people who are dealing with mobility issues or a disability that makes climbing steps difficult. 

Straight Inclined Platform Lift

A straight inclined platform lift can help you negotiate staircases. They attach to a wall and move up the staircase, providing a stable surface to sit or stand on. They are perfect for clients who want to make their home wheelchair accessible. Our straight inclined platform lifts can be adapted to match the spatial requirements of your staircase and will complement your home’s décor.

Home Lifts in Kent

Curved Inclined Platform Lift

A curved inclined platform lift is capable of attaching to curved staircase railings or curved walls. It is the perfect solution for homes with curved staircases. 

Vertical Platform Lifts

A vertical platform lift looks like a conventional lift that you would find in a shopping centre or office building. Our platform lifts use state-of-the-art technology to ensure their reliability and safety. They are also very quiet and enjoyable to ride in. 

Tower Lifts are expert providers for home lifts in Kent, we have helped clients in Ashford, Folkestone, Canterbury, Dover, Maidstone, Dartford, Tonbridge, Margate, Ramsgate, Royal Tunbridge Wells & more!


Tower Lifts Care About Finding the Right Home Lift Solutions in Kent

Tower Lifts appreciates the dramatic impact that a new lift can have on a person’s life. For people with mobility, auditory or visual impairments, it can be the difference between staying in a home or being forced to move to a new location without stairs.

We always ask that clients be involved in the design process, as it ensures they receive a lift that is tailor-made for their requirements. When our clients step onto their lift for the first time, they usually find it a liberating and exciting experience! They can enjoy their entire home once again, with the added safety and comfort that a professionally installed home lift provides. Learn more about our passenger lifts in Kent.

Home Lift Repairs For Kent

Tower Lifts also performs home lift repairs for Kent and surrounding areas. We will ensure your lift is safe and runs reliably for many years to come!

If you would like to learn more about our home lifts for Kent, please contact us today on 01525 601099 or by email:

In addition to installing residential lifts for Kent, we also install a wide range of lifts and conveyor systems, throughout the UK including:

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