Tower Lifts Provide Bespoke Home Lifts For Nottingham

There are certain aspects of the work the Tower Lifts design and installation engineers do which reminds us how life-changing 21st century lift technology can be, and providing home lift solutions for Nottingham domestic clients is certainly top of the list. There are numerous reasons why our customers find difficulty in accessing all parts of their property; they may be disabled, incapacitated through injury or illness, or just finding the stairs difficult due to ageing. Whatever the circumstances, our home lifts team will always take the time to understand the context for lift installation, and present home lift solutions in Nottingham that are tailor-made.

Home Lifts for Nottingham

A Range of Home Lift Solutions for Nottingham and Surrounding Areas

There are very few services provided in the contemporary world where we would be happy to accept a ‘one size fits all’ attitude, and the same is true when it comes to home lifts for Nottingham. Modern lift technology can provide flexible and adaptable solutions for houses big, or small, ensuring that whatever our customers’ reasons for installing a domestic lift, we can provide the perfect solution, matched to the style and colour palette of the existing décor. We recommend a range of platform lifts for domestic installation, including:

Step Liftsfor customers finding difficulty negotiating split levels either inside or in the garden, a step lift provides a reliable, and efficient way to move between levels. This low-rise platform lift can be matched to its surroundings (we’ve even used fake grass!).

Straight Inclined Platform Lift – ideal for homes where stairs have become a problem. The lift mechanism is manufactured to the highest standards, it can be adapted to the spatial requirements of your staircase, and the finish will complement existing décor.

Curved Inclined Platform Lift – our home lift solutions for Nottingham include lifts for spiral stairs, and for tricky curves in a more conventional staircase.

Vertical Platform Liftsproviding a more conventional ride for passengers. This modular platform lift uses state-of-the-art-technology to transport customers from top to bottom of their house.

Platform Lift Nottingham

Tower Lifts are expert providers in home lifts for Nottingham, we have helped clients in Bingham, Carlton, Beeston, Derby, Mansfield, Loughborough, Burton Upon Trent, Leicester & more!


Tower Lifts Care About Finding the Right Home Lift Solutions in Nottingham

For many of our customers, finding the right home lift solutions can be the difference between being able to stay in a family home, or moving to accommodation that can provide an easier environment to negotiate. We find that encouraging clients to be a part of the process of deciding the features and design of home lifts for Nottingham helps them to come to terms with the installation, and by the time that they take their ‘maiden voyage’ in their home lift, the experience is an entirely liberating one.

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