Home Lifts for Milton Keynes

We’ve all become used to the service that lifts in public places offer us on a daily basis and Tower Lifts is proud of the access it is able to provide for our urban spaces. Much of our time, though, is also spent fitting lifts in residential settings and we are always delighted to witness the way in which something that we often taken for granted – mobility between floors – can prove transformational for our elderly, or disabled clients. As providers of home lifts for Milton Keynes we have helped aging home-owners maintain their independence, care residents have full access to their friends on different floors, and disabled house hunters enjoy the view they’ve always wanted from their bedroom window – despite the flat being on the fourth floor.

Carefully Designed Home Lifts for Milton Keynes

Home Lifts Milton Keynes

All our residential lifts have been carefully designed for installation within a domestic environment. We know that fitting a domestic lift is often a solution to impaired mobility or sight, and so every lift provides standard safety features fully compliant with current Disability Discrimination legislation. We are also aware that lifts installed in your home need to look good, so we will always take care to match your personal décor, making your home lift a stylish feature you will be proud to show off to friends.

Home Lifts for Milton Keynes are Always Bespoke to Your Needs

For the majority of our residential customers, a home lift is a major investment. At Tower Lifts we understand the weight of making the decision to install vertical transportation, and our skilled designers will arrange a number of visits to talk through customers’ needs and requirements, discuss positioning and style, and determine any special safety enhancements. Only when the design has been fully endorsed by our customers will we move towards scheduling manufacture and installation. In most cases lift installation will not cause major disruption to the household; we have been installing domestic lifts in Milton Keynes for many years now, and our aim is always to understand the rhythms and routines of households so that we can work around them.

Domestic Lift Repair in Milton Keynes

Having taken the vital step to maintaining independence and access, our customers are amazed how quickly a residential lift becomes a central feature of their daily routine. We will always advise our residential customers to take advantage of one of our lift repair and maintenance packages. Regular servicing maintains the quality and reliability of your vertical transport and – should your lift develop a fault – we offer a 24/7 lift repair service.

If you are interested in learning more about our domestic lift and home lift installations in the Milton Keynes area please contact Tower Lifts today on 01525 601099

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