Home Lifts for Manchester Offer Innovative Solutions for Ageing Population

The Office of National Statistics has predicted by 2039, one in twelve of the UK’s population will be over 90. Whilst this will have an impact on communities across Britain, it is our large cities such as Manchester will feel the effects most keenly. In order to deal with the challenges of an ageing population, we will need to start considering ways in which our cities can provide ease of access to public facilities, and our homes can be modified to accommodate the problems of limited mobility. 2039 may seem a long way off now, but the elderly proportion of the population is growing year on year, and we are already seeing a significant growth in demand in home lifts for Manchester.

Elegant and Innovative Domestic Lifts

Domestic lifts provide an ideal solution for homes that require adaptation for elderly residents. Most British housing would not be able to sustain a traditional lift installation, but the vertical platform lift is specifically designed for residential operating environments. Platform domestic lifts comprise a modular structure with a self-supporting platform designed to easily support the weight and dimensions of a standard wheelchair. It can be operated either electronically, or hydraulically, and is quick to install with a minimum of disruption to the household.

Home Lifts for Manchester

Customised Residential Lifts

Whether we’re fitting a vertical platform home lift, or one of our straight or curved inclined platform lifts for access via flights of stairs, we know that many of our clients worry about the lift technology changing the feel of their home, and dominating the stairway, or hall. Our state-of-the-art integrated platform lifts can be customised to blend into their operating environment; our aim is always to provide clients with an efficient and stylish mode of transport, fully integrated with the décor and feel of the house as a whole.

Professional Installation of Home Lifts for Manchester

The Tower Lifts lift design and installation team work closely with their older clients throughout the planning process; they’re aware that modification of the home is both a big investment, and can sometimes be seen as submitting to infirmity. We like to offer an alternative perspective; people who plan for the potential limitations that age can place on their mobility by installing domestic lifts, are simply adapting their environment to changing circumstances, and insuring that the home they love will remain accessible to them for as long as they need it.

If you require a home lift for Manchester and surrounding areas, we have a team of experts ready and willing to install it for you!


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