Home Lifts and Domestic Lifts

Tower Lifts specialise in designing and installing domestic lifts and home lifts for homes, aged care facilities and apartment buildings

Our highly-skilled technicians can create bespoke residential lifts that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the building. If your building has specific architectural constraints, we can design a lift that works within those constraints.

Our high-performance domestic lifts use the latest technology to ensure a very comfortable and smooth ride for passengers


Tower Lift’s ability to customise home lifts means we can finely tune the appearance, safety features, security features and performance of your residential lift or domestic lift.

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A Wide Range of Home Lift Safety and Security Features

We are proud of our unblemished safety record and aim to install the safest residential lifts in the world. A variety of mandatory and optional safety features can be used in our residential lifts including:

  • Lift Alarm Systems
    All residential lifts have alarm systems which can be activated manually or when the lift has a technical issue
  • Lift Communication Systems
    We can install a range of different communications systems in your home lift to improve the safety of passengers. Our technicians can also connect a telephone to the land line of your home, so you can make calls to anyone if there is an emergency.
  • Emergency Backup Power
 for your Lift
    If you experience a black out, the emergency backup power system will allow you to continue operating the lift for a short period.
  • Emergency Lowering Device
 for your Lift
    Another device that operates when power fails. It will slowly move the lift to the ground, allowing passengers to safely get out.
  • Lift Door Interlocks
    Installed at every lift entrance, the door interlocks will prevent operation of the lift unless the hoistway door is closed and locked when the lift is on another floor.
  • Final Limit Switch for your Lift
A switch that cuts off power to the lift when stopping devices fail.
  • Lift Handrails
    If required, we can install a number of handrails to further improve the safety of your domestic lift
  • Lift CCTV Systems
    We can install CCTV systems to ensure the safety and security of passengers
  • Security Access Systems for your Lift
If you wish to limit access to your home lift, we can install advanced security features

Designer Cabin Interiors

Tower Lifts can design the interior of any residential lift to closely match the interiors of your building. Our talented designers will precisely match the colours, patterns and textures used in the building to create a lift that seamlessly blends in with your home. One of the reasons why so many home owners have chosen Tower Lifts is our ability to customise the interiors of home lifts.

Scenic Lifts

In addition to traditional residential or domestic lifts, we can install scenic lifts, which include a great deal of glass to maximise the view while riding in the lift. If your home or apartment block could benefit from using a scenic lift, Tower Lifts are the ideal company to design and install it.

Domestic Lifts in Buildings With Low Pit or Headroom Restrictions

Our ability to create bespoke solutions allows us to choose lift mechanics suitable for your residential or home lift installation location. If the installation location does not have sufficient room for a traditional lift shaft, our engineers can design a unique mechanical solution that allows a lift to be installed. We also specialise in installations in listed buildings where only certain kinds of construction and excavation are allowed.

Highly Customise Domestic and Home Lift Mechanics

Our company has installed a huge variety of lifts in various operating environments including commercial spaces, public buildings, factories, apartment buildings and private residences. Those lifts have ranged from small two-person passenger lifts through to large industrial lifts, capable of lifting heavy weights. If you have any special requirement for the lift’s operation we can customise your installation to meet that requirement.

Some of the many mechanical and structural elements we can customise include:

  • The speed of the lift
  • The cabin size of the lift
  • The maximum weight the lift can carry
  • Accessibility options for the lift

Tower Lifts — Home Lift Experts

We are one of the the leading domestic and home lift companies in the United Kingdom, with over 15-years of experience designing and constructing world-class lifts. We are a “full service” lift company, working with our clients from the design phase through to the installation and ongoing maintenance of the lift.

Our talented lift technicians enjoy dealing with the tricky installations found in some residential locations. If your home has space restrictions which prevent a traditional lift installation, Tower Lifts may be able to create a custom residential lift solution that works around the restraints.

If you are interested in learning more about our domestic lift and home lift installations, please contact Tower Lifts today on 01525 601099