Home Lift Design

There’s many ways in which vertical transport has transformed our lives over the past hundred years. It’s changed the size of the buildings we live and work in. It’s made the logistics of shopping, travelling and leisure 100% easier. And it’s expanded social access to older people, wheelchair users and children.

Lift design has also changed the way in which we view our home environments. Ongoing innovations in small lifts for home use now means that homes can be adapted to the owners’ needs. Whether you’re adapting to life in a wheelchair, future-proofing your home for when you get older, or adding a lifestyle feature, the demand for home lift design is now greater than ever.

Types of Home Lift

Tower Lifts has been designing bespoke home lifts for nearly two decades now, and the most popular home lift design choices are:

  • Inclined Platform Lifts. Designed for use with straight or curved staircases, platform lifts allow for wheelchair access between floors, without requiring major structural alteration. These innovative, high quality lifts fold away when not in use, and can be custom finished to match your interior décor.
  • Passenger Lifts. These are a miniature version of the lifts you encounter in a range of residential or commercial settings. Home lift design of lifts for 2-20 people means that you can adapt your home to your lifestyle. More and more people are now installing external home lifts to service self-contained apartments accommodating older relatives, or teenagers.
  • Dumbwaiter Lifts. This ingenious small lift moves hot food, washing, or shopping bags from one floor to another. The waist-high cabinet can be designed to give you ease of access, and the size of the lift can be customised to your requirements.

Home Lift Specifications

All home lifts are different, dependent on the size, frequency of use, and number of floors to be traversed. Tower Lifts designers discuss the specifications with clients at an early stage of the design process. In some instances home lifts require a pit and shaft, but if this isn’t possible we can use platform lift technology to create a solution for what your home architecture allows.

Lift Design Unique to Your Home

Whatever lift you choose for your home it will need to match the design of your interior. Many of our clients choose to feature their home lift as a design focus. Glass remains a popular choice, especially for passengers who experience anxiety when travelling in confined spaces.

If your lift is a luxury item in your home, we can enhance the experience of travelling in it. A scenic lift makes the most of any panoramic views your home may enjoy. If these are in short supply, you may wish to provide HD video in the cabin, or offer a choice of music to guests.

About Tower Lifts

Our experienced engineers are specialist providers of home lift design across the UK. Our aim is always to provide a unique solution for our clients, rather than settling for a standard option that doesn’t quite meet their needs. Every lift we design takes into consideration your existing décor, and can be customised in whatever way you choose.

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Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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