Home Elevators For Cambridge

Every homeowner should be able to safely travel between the floors of their own home. If limited mobility prevents you from doing so, a home elevator can immediately enhance your standard of living. Completely adaptable to suit any style of home, our residential elevators blend into the surrounding home decor and offer a safe and secure way to access all areas of your home.

If your property has many floors to explore and enjoy, you may simply be looking to install a lift to complement existing stairs. Tall, terraced town houses can be exquisite places to live, but too many stairs can make enjoying your home harder. Don’t feel you need to move out, simply move up with a home elevator.

Tower Lifts – The Preferred Cambridgeshire Lift Company

Because we understand just how important it is to be able to access all areas of your home, we can provide bespoke solutions that will give you back your freedom and independence.

Choosing the right elevator for your Cambridgeshire home is an important decision, and our skilled team of designers and installation engineers can find the right solution for you. Our platform mobility lifts are quick and easy to install, and will add value to both your home and your lifestyle.

Our residential lifts can be installed in virtually any environment, and are designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding decor. Our home elevators in Cambridge can be installed with minimal disruption to your home, and we only use the smallest amount of space possible. Our installation teams are fast and efficient and do not require builders to be working on your home for long periods of time.

Home Elevators for Cambridge

Safe and secure, our home elevators can add a new layer of accessibility to your Cambridge home. Every lift can be tailor made to fit the space available, and will come with a variety of accessibility options to enhance passenger comfort.

Our home elevator service for Cambridge offers complete peace of mind for life. Once your lift is installed and up and running, we will show you how to operate it and can provide comprehensive service and aftercare assistance should you need it.

If you need a first class home elevator installation in Cambridge, the team at Tower Lifts are on hand to offer experienced and specialist advice to help you access all areas of your home. Call us today on 01525 601099.

Alongside our mobility lift installations we also provide a variety of lift fitting services and maintenance.

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