Home Elevator Services in Birmingham

Cities such as Birmingham are currently having to deal with the growing problem of an aging population, alongside the decline in government funding for social services. The number of people aged 65 or over has increased by nearly 4% over the past 40 years and it’s predicted to rise a further 6% by 2039. This means that nearly a fifth of the British population will be elderly by the middle of the century, and likely to be requiring aid or assistance either in their homes or from professional services. The challenge for cities like Birmingham, is to find a range of support mechanisms, such as home lift solutions, which prevent an overwhelming reliance on the already stretched health services.

Home Elevator Services in Birmingham Provide Independent Living

Tower Lifts is proud to be providing home lift services for residential clients across Birmingham. Simply being able to access every are of your home means that older people are able to remain independent, and stay in the family home, often with minimal familial or professional health support. Our range of tailor-made home elevator installations ensures that whatever the size, or age, of the property, our skilled designers and installers are able to find home lift solutions to suit.

If you are in need of home elevator services in Birmingham and surrounding areas then please give us a call, we have a team of experts ready!

Why Choose Tower Lifts for Home Elevator Services in Birmingham?

We have been providing domestic lift services in Birmingham for nearly two decades now, and – over that time – we have developed a range of platform lifts that can be customised to fit the unique requirements of our clients. We can provide:

Domestic Elevators for Birmingham Enhance Your Home and Improve Your Lifestyle

Whilst Tower Lifts designers and installers will prioritise the functionality of their home lift solutions, they are also concerned about the aesthetic of their home elevator installations. We always take care to match the look of our domestic elevators for Birmingham to the style and décor of its surroundings. We aim for an elegant enhancement to our clients’ homes, and an efficient means of accessing their property for years to come.

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