Tower Lifts Supply lift for Fendi Fashion Store in Sydney, Australia

Naturally, the Tower Lifts team are tremendously excited to announce that our hidden platform lift will be installed at the luxury fashion store, Fendi, in Sydney Australia. Just before you have visions of us packing our swimwear and slapping on the sun-tan oil though, we should be clear that we are the suppliers, and we will be working with the Australian company Multi-Lift, overseeing the installation in March this year.

As our readers will know, we are a company that thrives on new challenges and the complex task of collaborating with an installation team on the other side of the world is one we’re eager to get our teeth into. We have plenty of experience in the process of collaboration, and we’re ready to pass on our knowledge and experience in this particular installation to our new partners across the globe.

Installing a Hidden Platform Lift for a Luxury Fashion House

Fendi Roma Logo

Fendi is a luxury Italian fashion house that was founded nearly a hundred years ago, in Rome, and specialises in fur, shoes, leather goods, perfumes, and accessories. This is a high-end brand with only a handful of exclusive outlets in European countries, and three stores in Australia. Their style is luxurious and ultra-chic, and naturally they were looking for a lift installation design that resonated with the brand they have developed.

The Hidden Lift Technology

Tower Lifts is proud to be able to provide this stylish and elegant installation which solves the problem of disabled access across an uneven floor surface, or up short flights of stairs. The TLP1000 Wheelchair Lift covers stairs measuring up to 1m. When not in use, it is ‘hidden’ in a shallow pit located at the base of the stairs, merging seamlessly with the décor and style of the operating environment. Once activated its elegant mechanism provides a robust and sturdy platform for wheelchair users, or passengers with limited mobility, to be vertically transported to the top of the stairs. view more hidden platform lift solutions.

Hidden Platform Lift

Tower Lifts Provide Global Vertical Transport Solutions

Technology is a global language and the team at Tower Lifts is delighted to be sharing their experience and installation skills with Multi-Lift in Sydney, Australia. We’re sure to learn from this experience, as we do from all the projects we take on, and we look forward to extending our network and knowledge through this collaboration.

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