Ingenious Hidden Lifts for Hertfordshire

For most people a short flight of steps, or even a split-level floor, is part and parcel of our everyday encounter with the world, certainly not something that we need to think about at length. Whereas for people who rely on mobility aids, negotiating them can sometimes feel like plotting a military campaign. Once you start to take a look at the obstacle course people with limited mobility have to pit themselves against on a daily basis, you realise how important technology such as platform lifts are, and how they can transform lives.

TLP 1000

A Range of Hidden Lifts for Hertfordshire

Over the past decade the public, commercial, and industrial sectors have embraced the need to provide access for wheelchair users in public spaces. As a culture, we now acknowledge that using a mobility aid should not be a disadvantage when shopping, eating out, or staying a hotel. The rapid development of wheelchair platform lifts has helped this rapid adoption of access solutions, and the demand for platform lifts has been rising steadily. Hidden platform lifts provide a solution for short stairways, or steps between one level & another. The lift mechanism is camouflaged to blend in with the surrounding décor, until needed. The elegant lift action provides a platform for a wheelchair, which ascends the steps, and then folds away to its hidden state once more.

Hidden Lifts for Hertfordshire are an Elegant Alternative to a Ramp

All our hidden platform lifts are bespoke designs, taking into account the usage, gradient, height of the steps, and décor match required. We have ‘hidden’ our platform lifts in the stone floors of castles, in parquet flooring, and – memorably – in a lawn. Wheelchair platform lifts have a durable design that allows for indoor or outdoor installation, and their sudden appearance often draws gasps of delight from onlookers. This is technology that can be adapted to its surroundings, and allows the operating environment to maintain its ambiance whilst also providing state-of-the-art access for wheelchair users.

If your lift is in working order but you are concerned about disability access for customers and employees, our lift installation team in Hertfordshire are thoroughly trained in current DDA legislation and can give you detailed advice and support on a range of enhancements you could make to improve your access arrangements.

If you require hidden lifts for Hertfordshire then please get in touch today! We have a team of experts ready and waiting to install a hidden lift solution.


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