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Tower Lifts have been installing, repairing and servicing lifts in Hertfordshire for more than 15-years. During this time, we have established a fantastic reputation and are widely recognised as the leading lift company in Hertfordshire.

Our lifts make use of very high-end mechanical components to ensure incredible reliability, safety and performance. Our designers specialise in bespoke lift installations where we match lift components to your unique requirements.

Lift Company in Hertfordshire

The Types of Lifts We Install in Hertfordshire

Tower Lifts have many installed lifts in different locations throughout Hertfordshire including shopping centres, private residence, public buildings, apartment blocks, warehouses and retail stores.

Our talented lift technicians have installed the following kinds of lifts in Hertfordshire: Passenger LiftsStep LiftsDumbwaitersService Goods LiftVertical Platform Lifts and MRL Lifts. We can also install Platform lifts for disabled accessScenic Lifts,Heavy DutyCar Lifts, and Evacuation Lifts.

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UKAS 9001 / 45001

With UKAS and ISO9001:2008 Lift Cert accreditation, you can be sure you’re getting the best in lift design, maintenance and service from our dedicated team.

Bespoke Passenger Lifts in Hertfordshire

Tower Lifts specialise in installing bespoke lifts that are designed to match the unique requirements of your building’s operating environment. Our talented team of engineers, designers and installers will ensure that your lift performs well, matches the design aesthetic of the building and is very safe.

The first step of the process is a series of meetings with the property owners and any other stakeholders. We will gather all of the details necessary to allow us to create the perfect lift for the building. Some of these details include the number of passengers per day, the shape of the cabin, design features, and any unique security features or special safety features that are required.

Our designers and engineers will inspect the site to ensure there are no location issues. Plans are then drawn up for the lift installation before being approved by the client. This is followed by the lift installation and various safety checks before the lift is approved for use.

All aspects of our lifts can be modified including:

The Interior Design of the Cabin
Our designers and installers will carefully match the interior of the lift cabin with the design aesthetic of the building.  Regardless of how glamorous or rugged the building is — our designers will make the lift look as if it was a natural part of the property.

Cabin Dimensions
Our bespoke passenger lift cabins are available in a range of sizes from single person lifts through to heavy industrial lifts capable of moving vehicles.  The size of the cabin will be perfectly matched to the operating requirements of the building.

Incredible Technological Automation
Our technicians can install a wide range of innovative technological features.  We can install automated storage and retrieval systems that work in conjunction with other technologies, perfect for warehouses and busy commercial environments.

Security Functionality
Security functionality is essential in a lift, particularly in public buildings, shopping centres and residential complexes.  Some of the security features we can install include additional lift sensors, card readers, alarms, keypads, biometric scanners and CCTV systems.

Lift Mechanism and Performance
Tower Lifts install the appropriate lift mechanism for every lift installation in Hertfordshire.  We are familiar with traction elevators, hydraulic elevators, climbing elevators ad pneumatic elevators.  Our engineers will consider the unique operating conditions of the building before making a recommendation.

If you have any special requirements for the lift we will include those into our considerations.  Special requirements may include a particular maximum speed for the lift or additional power to lift extremely heavy objects.

Accessibility Features
Accessibility is particularly important in public buildings and shopping centres.  Tower Lifts are very familiar with the accessibility regulations in the UK and will ensure your lift meets the appropriate standards.

Some of our recent lift projects

Lift Repairs in Hertfordshire

If your lift has been performing poorly later or has completely broken down, we can perform lift repairs or lift maintenance for you. Our lift technicians are fully trained, highly skilled and work very efficiently.

Lift Servicing in Hertfordshire

Tower Lifts also specialises in lift servicing. Our talented staff will efficiently service your lift to ensure it remains efficient and reliable. We also perform safety inspections and will keep your lift compliant with regulatory requirements.

Tower Lifts Take Safety Seriously!

In addition to being the leading lift company in Hertfordshire — we are the safest. We have a strong focus on safety and an unblemished safety record. Our company is ISO9001:2008 Lift Cert and UKAS approved and we adhere to all UK Lift Regulations.

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