Goods Lifts in London

Goods Lifts in London

Looking For High-Performance Goods Lifts?

Goods lifts play an important role in the movement of products across a range of environments where speed is of the essence. Tower Lifts provides state-of-the-art vertical transport solutions for hospitality, retail, leisure, and commercial sectors. With a focus on safety, reliability, and space optimisation, our goods lifts in London enhance productivity, reduce manual handling, and ensure the smooth flow of operations.

Tower Lifts has been designing and installing goods lifts for London businesses since 2006 so we are very familiar with the high-paced environment in which they operate. That’s why our goods lifts are specially designed for use in buildings with high turnover and movement of goods between floors. This sophisticated and reliable high-performance machine can be installed efficiently, without the risk of disruption to business.

Goods Lift – Tailored Efficiency for Your Business

We understand the important role that goods transportation plays in your daily operations. That’s why our goods lifts are designed to enhance the efficiency and convenience of your internal logistics. Having seen the difference our goods lifts make to London businesses; we have no doubt you will appreciate the many benefits our goods lifts provide.

Goods Only Lift - Tailored Efficiency for Your Business

1. A Durable, High-Performance Solution.

Built to last, our goods lifts are designed for intensive, reliable, and efficient operation over many years. Robust and equipped with hard-wearing lift cars, they ensure the secure transport of goods.

You have various customisation options at your disposal, including in-car buffer rails, kick plates, durable floor finishes in aluminium or steel chequer plate, and a choice between manual shutter gates or picket gates.

2. A Goods Lift Customised to Your Needs.

Platform Goods Lifts compliant with Machinery Directive – offer load capacities ranging from 50kg to 4000kg. These can be configured with through car access or adjacent access and can operate with or without attendants. Traction and hydraulic goods lifts compliant with EN81 standards – offer similar load capacities but a faster delivery time for increased efficiency.

3. Straightforward Installation.

Minimising disruption to your business operations is our priority. Tower Lifts’ installation process is clean, efficient, and requires no on-site building work. It occupies no additional space within your premises, thanks to its freestanding modular structure that bears the entire system’s weight.

4. Space Saving.

If space is an issue the Goods platform lifts are ideal as they can be installed within a pre-built shaft or provided with a modular shaft. Goods platform lifts require little or no pit beneath the lift and minimal headroom above.

Safety and ease of use are paramount. Transporting goods with our lifts is straightforward and completely safe for your operatives.

Need a Goods Lift With Attendant?

Goods lifts can be provided to operate either with or without attendant/passenger to accommodate all environments and requirements.

Working With Tower Lifts

If you’re looking for a simple goods lift solution, free from the hassles of on-site building work or business disruptions, look no further than Tower Lifts. We bring two decades of experience and a strong presence in the capital to ensure your vertical transport needs are met with precision. Our high-performance machinery is fully compliant with the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, offering you peace of mind regarding safety and quality.

As an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and excellence, consistently meeting all Lift Regulations.

Contact us now to speak to a Tower Lifts engineer about installing goods lifts – 01525 601099