Goods Lifts in Essex

As a highly recommended lift company for Essex, we provide lift installation in hotels, domestic houses, shops, schools and leisure centres, our dedicated Essex lift repair team are on call 24/7 to manage breakdowns, and we are increasingly in demand for the design and installation of goods lifts in Essex. Whilst most people think of lifts as a form of vertical transport for people, the elevator also serves a vital role in keeping goods, cars, and food moving quickly and efficiently from one location to another.

Goods Lifts in Essex Solve Problems

Using people to move goods in a commercial or industrial setting is inefficient and creates accidents. Having waiters running from the kitchen to the dining room with plates of hot food, or customer-facing assistants running to the storeroom for goods to take back to the shop floor leads to collisions, spillages, breakage and poor customer service. Dumbwaiter lifts have long provided a solution to this problem; commercial lifts in Essex are designed to fit the goods they will transport, and the process of delivery to the shop floor becomes fully automated. Tower Lifts has designed and installed dumb waiter lifts that move between floors or work like a conveyer belt to move goods horizontally between one location and another.

Commercial Dumbwaiters

Goods Lifts in Essex for Warehouses or Factories

For the movement of larger goods between floors, Tower Lifts would normally recommend the installation of modular structure goods lifts. This self-supporting design means that the lift can be installed easily as it doesn’t require a pit or shaft. We offer the option of installing goods lifts in Essex that is operable by an attendant, or goods only lift. Our design and installation team will always assess the needs of the client and make a recommendation for the solution that will provide the most effective movement of your goods. As a leading supplier of lift solutions, you can rely on Tower Lifts to get your goods moving effectively and efficiently.

If you have a commercial goods lift installed which requires maintenance, repair or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently!


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