Tower Lifts Provide Goods Lifts for Priceless Works of Art

The Royal Academy of Arts is situated in the heart of London and is home to world-class exhibitions featuring large-scale installations, sculptures and fine art; they describe themselves as “The original home of the art blockbuster”. Tower Lifts has been asked to install two heavy goods lifts for the academy. These ‘workhorse’ lifts are normally used to move heavy goods or machinery – the Royal Academy staff has a different purpose in mind; they will be using the goods lifts to transport ‘priceless works of art’ from one location to another’.

Tower Lifts Company in London Create Bespoke Lift for Royal Academy

royal academy of arts

The works of art exhibited by the Royal Academy of Arts can vary in size and weight enormously. Tower Lifts has been asked to create two bespoke, tailor-made goods lifts which are designed and manufactured with the aim of providing maximum possible cabin space within the available spatial dimensions of the lift location. The concerns of the Royal Academy staff, when selecting a goods lifts company in London, were not only to do with the size of the objects and painting, but also with the variety of shapes and dimensions that will be required to fit into the fixed limits of the goods lifts cabins. Tower Lifts were able to work closely with staff to find the best possible goods lifts installation to suit their needs.

For well over a decade Tower Lifts has been working with valued clients to solve their transport problems

Whilst passengers remain our priority, we have also designed bespoke vertical transport for pianos, heavy goods, merchandise, and fresh produce. Our design and installation team understand that in order to provide heavy goods lifts that will do the job required, they need detailed briefings on the operating environment, the work schedule the lifts are required to service, and the unique characteristics of the goods to be transported in order that the cabin they design is fit for purpose.

Tower Lifts prides itself on its ability to provide a professional and friendly service when working in public spaces. Our excellent reputation as a lifts company in London is built on our technical skills, our attention to the client’s brief, and our willingness to schedule work in concert with public access requirements.

If you have a heavy goods lift installed which requires maintenance or repair and servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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