Goods Lifts For Commercial Use

Looking to move stock from the storeroom to the shop floor – a goods lift will do the job. Need to get food from the kitchen to the diners’ table fast – a goods lift will do it. Want a way to transport laundry/furniture/supplies effectively – you’ve guessed it! We fit hundreds of goods lifts every year and we can vouch for their effectiveness in virtually every commercial setting.

The businesses we speak to usually recognise the potential advantages but they, quite rightly, have a whole load of questions they need answered. We thought it might help if we included the most common ones in our blog.

Is there just one type of goods lift?

No, there are different models, dependent on the context.

  • Dumbwaiter lifts – usually found in restaurants or hotels, and used to transport food, or small loads.
  • Goods only lifts – modular structure with self supporting design. Used for transporting laundry, stock, fresh food between floors.
  • Heavy goods lifts – can bear loads up to 5,000kg. Used for machinery, vehicles, furniture.
  • Step Lifts – designed to manage the transport of goods in warehouses, factories where there’s a short flight of steps.

If you are looking for a goods lift to solve transportation challenges, call our design team today on 01525 601099 and get some immediate suggestions of how we could help.

Is it possible to fit lifts in smaller spaces such as shops?

The Tower Lifts design team creates bespoke lifts for spaces that exist in the real world. We relish a challenge and we haven’t been beaten yet! The first step is always to visit you and assess your space, then we’ll talk about how to position your lift to achieve the best outcome.

The lift’s got to open onto a small corridor – will there be room for the doors to open?

We’ll take the operating environment into account when we design the lift that will work best for you. One way of solving the problem would be to fit concertina doors.

Will I need a lift shaft?

No. Our platform lift range is adaptible and can be fitted in any building. They’re perfect for environments where there’s limited space and/or height.

Can I travel in the lift with the goods?

We can install ‘Goods With Attendant’ lifts that can safely transport both heavy goods and people between floors. Their self-supporting design features a modular structure, which means that no pit or shaft is required for their operation.

Are Goods Lifts Safe?

Safety regulations apply equally to all the lifts we install. Our goods lifts range meets exactly the same standards that our passenger lifts would.

How long would it take to install a goods lift?

It really depends on what kind of lift you want. There will always be a lead time, but once we start work we would normally be able to complete installation within a few days.

Will the installation of a goods lift disrupt my business?

The Tower Lift installation team is used to working in busy commercial environments. They will schedule the installation to ensure minimum disruption to your business, and can be depended up to behave courteously and professionally when encountering your clients.

Professional Advice and Guidance on Goods Lifts for Commercial Use

Tower Lifts have been designing and installing goods lifts for over a decade now, in virtually every commercial setting you can imagine. We have the hands-on experience to be able to advise you on practical solutions for business problems, and we won’t suggest anything to you that we can’t deliver.

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

Domestic Lifts • Food Lifts • Bespoke Platform Lifts • Service Lifts • Platform Lifts • Goods Lifts • Scenic Lifts • Heavy Duty / Car Lifts • Passenger Lifts • Dumbwaiter Lifts • MRL Lifts • Fire lifts • Residential Lifts • low-Headroom Lifts