Goods Lifts For Commercial Use

Goods Lifts For Commercial Use

Selecting the Right Goods Lift for Your Needs

Looking to move stock from the storeroom to the shop floor? A goods lift will do the job. Need to get food from the kitchen to the diners’ table fast? A goods lift will do it. Searching for a way to transport laundry, supplies or luggage effectively – you’ve guessed it! Tower Lifts install hundreds of goods lifts for commercial use each year; they’re the workhorses of the lift industry that keep commerce moving.

The businesses we work with know that they have a need for a goods lift, but they’re sometimes unsure how to go about installing the right one for their business. In this article, the Tower Lifts design team take you through the decision-making process.

What Do You Need Your Goods Lift To Do?

This is the first question we ask clients enquiring about goods lifts for commercial use. It helps us to understand the size required, the materials it will be made from, and whether or not you’ll need a goods lift to transport people as well as goods. So, start by deciding what you want your goods lift to do, and how much it will be used on a normal day.

What Size Loads Will Your Commercial Goods Lift Carry?

Your lift capacity will be determined by the maximum weight and volume of the load you need it to transport. At Tower Lifts we have created heavy goods lifts that can transport a car, and dumbwaiter lifts that transport hot meals to diners. The shape, design, and operating system for each of them is completely different.

How Many Floors Does Your Goods Lift Need to Travel Through?

In order to determine where your commercial goods lift is positioned, we need to know where you want to move your goods. In order to get this absolutely right, Tower Lifts engineers will visit your site and assess the options. We can then offer recommendations that ensure the ideal solution for your specific working environment.

Deciding From a Range of Goods Lifts for Commercial Use

We work with a range of goods lifts which can be customised to the unique requirements of our clients:

  • Dumbwaiter lifts. This is a cabinet-style goods lift which is designed for waist-loading. It is normally used to move food, laundry, or small goods in a retail or hospitality setting. Dependent on your business requirements, we can vary the size, height, material, style, and finish of your dumbwaiter design.
  • Goods only lifts. This lift is designed as a modular structure with self-supporting design. It is frequently used for transporting laundry, stock, or fresh food between floors. It can be custom designed to carry up 2,000kg in hotels, office buildings, warehouses, galleries & museums, and retail stores.
  • Heavy goods lifts. Our heavy duty/car lifts can bear loads up to 5,000kg, making them suitable for use by virtually any road vehicle. They can also be used to move machinery in a factory setting, furniture, heavy goods, or artworks.
  • Goods Lift With Attendant. All our goods lifts for commercial use feature a self-supporting design with a modular structure. This means that it can be installed quickly, without a pit and shaft required. This model allows for goods to be transported with an attendant.

Will the Installation of a Goods Lift Disrupt Business?

The Tower Lifts installation team is used to working in busy commercial environments. They will schedule the installation to ensure minimum disruption to your business. As professionals, they can be depended on to behave courteously and professionally when encountering customers or employees.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts have been designing and installing goods lifts for commercial use since 2006, and they’ve worked in virtually every commercial setting you can imagine. We have the hands-on experience to be able to advise you on practical solutions for business problems, and we won’t suggest anything to you that we can’t deliver. We are an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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