Goods Lift Sizes

The movement of people is crucial to the economy of our towns and cities, but equally important is the movement of goods. Take a look at any busy motorway and you’ll see an array of vans, trucks, lorries and industrial transporters. Goods lifts are equally diverse, with numerous specialist applications for the movement of food, cars, art works, machinery, and light goods.

Much of the work the Tower Lifts design and installation team does is about logistical solutions for businesses. As makers of bespoke goods lifts, we relish a challenge, and have worked with a range of brands on enhancing their productivity. Often it’s about switching from manual handling, to vertical transport – or a mixture of both. Whatever the problem to be solved, we’re able to create goods lift sizes required by the business.

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5 Types of Goods Lift

These are the goods lifts that are most often used as a logistic solution for business:

  • Heavy Duty/Car Lift. Our car lifts have to handle loads of up to 5,000kg, and they are designed to run on either an hydraulic, or traction drive. This heavy duty elevator can be customised to suit the exact requirements of the clients. We have provided heavy duty lifts for art galleries, underground car parks, and factories. The heavy duty lift is the largest installation we offer.
  • Goods Only Lift. These are normally installed in warehouses, distribution centres or supermarkets. They’re designed to carry goods on pallets, or trolleys. Goods lift sizes are very much dependent on the operating environment, and the kinds of goods being moved. Our goods only lift comprises a modular structure with a self supporting design. It doesn’t require a pit and shaft, making it available for installation in virtually any premises.
  • Goods Lift With Attendant. This kind of installation is ideal for environments where goods are being moved frequently, and the stairs are at a distance from the lift. Our modular structure goods lift is designed to carry both goods and a person, and it doesn’t require a pit and shaft for installation. The size of the lift will be dependent on the type of goods and the volume in which they need to be transported.
  • Dumbwaiter Lift. This may be the smallest of the bunch, but it’s as much a workhorse as any of the other goods lifts listing here. This waist high, cabinet lift is designed to carry small goods such as food, shoes, or bags of shopping, through floors to delivery. Our bespoke dumbwaiter lifts are designed and built according to the needs of the client, and the task they are fulfilling.

Tower Lifts Install a Range of Goods Lifts

Our approach at Tower Lifts is always to first, determine the need, and then design the solution. Each bespoke goods lift we design is unique and our goods lift sizes are determined by requirement. A goods lift which solves a logistical problem is a great investment for any business, because it continues to enhance productivity year after year.

At Tower Lifts we determine goods lift sizes according to the volume and weight of goods being moved. Call us today on 01525 601099 to find out more about our bespoke goods lifts

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