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London is always on the move, with tourists and business travellers arriving from every part of the globe, good and services being transported to far off destinations, and commuters struggling by car, bus and tube to make it to their place of work on time. As a goods lift company working in London, though, we see a different London on the move; it’s meals being transported from kitchens to the dining room two floors up, fragile artworks being moved from a storage bay to the exhibition hall, shoppers exploring the latest retail park and consumer goods being moved between the warehouse and the shop floor. The story of London’s goods lifts is less visible, but no less essential to our busy capital.

Installing Goods Lifts in London

If London is the city that’s always on the move, it’s also a city on a deadline. The Tower Lifts team have been designing and installing goods lifts in the UK capital for over a decade now and the every project has required expert planning to ensure that the disruption of business schedules are kept to an absolute minimum. We have designed bespoke traction goods lifts and hydraulic goods lifts for a range of clients including museums, theatres, hotels, shopping centres, restaurants and heritage sites; we treat each of our installations as a unique challenge, and we pride ourselves on providing vertical transport solutions with a great return on investment.

A Range of Large Goods Lifts

Goods Lift Company in London

Our clients’ requirements differ greatly, from moving cars to transporting shoes. Tower Lifts has a range of goods lifts, ensuring that – once we understand you needs – we will be able to design, manufacture and install the ideal solution. We provide:

Dumbwaiter Lifts – a favourite with hotels and restaurants. Ideal for transporting smaller objects, each dumbwaiter lift is designed and fitted to our clients’ specifications.

Heavy Duty Car Lifts – capable of bearing loads up to 5,000kg, these carefully designed goods lifts are ideal for car-parks or MOT test centres where vehicles need to be moved between floors.

Goods Lift with Attendant – an attractive option for quick installation as the modular structure of this lift means that it does not require a pit or shaft.

Goods Only Lift – no pit or shaft required; this self-supporting design is an ideal choice for transporting retail or industrial supplies and goods.

Tower Lifts – A Goods Lift Company in London with a Wealth of Expertise

Our factory trained, close-knit team brings a huge backlog of expertise and experience to large goods lift design and installation. We are dedicated to finding the right solution for our clients and we know that every job is unique in its requirements and challenges. After fifteen years we remain passionate about serving the daily vertical transport of goods in London.

If you have a goods lift installed which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your goods lift working safely and efficiently


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Tower Lifts London lift team can design and install a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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