Tower Lifts are the Preferred Goods Lift Company for London

The London economy may be focused on the financial markets but without the ability to shift goods from one location to another in a fast and reliable way the UK’s capital would soon cease to function efficiently. From the earliest stages of its development the lift’s potential for moving heavy goods without the need of human muscle was one of the major opportunities afforded by this innovative technology. We are now able to move cars, heavy machinery and a high volume of goods from one level to another at the flick of the switch, making vertical transportation an integral part of our contemporary industrial and commercial landscape.

Reliable and Efficient Goods Lift Design

Tower Lifts has an enviable reputation as a goods lift company in London, for providing advice, design and the installation of lifts for a broad range of goods, from heavy industrial machinery and cars, to hot meals and art installations. Our goods lifts are usually designed to carry goods only, their modular structure is extremely popular with customers because it is self-supporting which means the lift can be installed without the need of a pit and shaft. The installation is therefore time efficient and non-intrusive, meaning that we can schedule our work around business as usual, and have a fully functioning goods lift in place quite rapidly.

A Lift Company With its Focus on our Clients’ Needs

Goods Lift Company London

What makes us a leading goods lift company for London is the awareness that there is no standard model of goods lift that will serve every clients’ needs. We are valued for the detailed collaborative process we engage in with clients prior to design, which enables us to ensure that the lift mechanism we recommend is the ideal match for our clients’ needs. Many of the lifts we install are bespoke designs which provide individual solutions for very specific requirements. For shops, warehouses and factories we would often suggest that a goods lift which can carry both heavy items and an attendant to operate the transport. These utilise the same modular, self-supporting structure but with enhanced safety features integrated into the design to ensure the safe carriage of both humans and goods.

Tower Lifts – a Lift Company You Can Trust

Our designers and lift engineers are all highly skilled professionals with many years of experience behind them. We are passionate about finding the perfect vertical transport solutions for our clients, and to that end we invest time and energy at the start of the process, listening to our clients’ needs and arriving at an understanding of the business, before we start to make any suggestions about the kind of lift they might need. We like repeat business and we are always delighted to be recommended as a ‘go to’ goods lift company for London and elsewhere across the UK – which is why we care passionately about every lift we install.

If you have a goods lift installed which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your goods lift working safely and efficiently


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Tower Lifts London lift team can design and install a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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