Goods Lift Company for Buckinghamshire

The beautiful county of Buckinghamshire shares its borders with six other counties, including Greater London to the south, Bedfordshire to the north, and Oxfordshire to the West. One would expect, given its central position, a rich diversity of people and professions, and that’s exactly the experience the Tower Lifts Buckinghamshire lift installation team have had in their visits to the county over the past twenty years. We are well known for our bespoke passenger lift installations in domestic homes, hotels, heritage properties and leisure centres; we’re also the first port of call for many businesses seeking emergency repairs or lift modernisation; most recently, however, we’ve been receiving a lot of calls about dumbwaiter lifts in Buckinghamshire.

A Goods Lift Company for Buckinghamshire Providing Bespoke Solutions

Dumbwaiter lifts in Buckinghamshire are nothing new; they were first introduced in the 19th century as a means of getting hot meals to tavern customers speedily, and saving on the shoe leather of the waiting staff. The enduring popularity of this form of vertical, or horizontal, transport lies in its simplicity of purpose. We have installed bespoke dumbwaiter lifts in Buckinghamshire for restaurants, retail outlets wanting to keep their assistants customer-facing, and light industrial plants needing a quick and efficient means of transporting products from source to destination without involving staff in lifting and carrying.

Goods Lift Company for Buckinghamshire

A Local Goods Lift Company for Buckinghamshire

As a Bedfordshire-based lift company, we serve all the countries clustering the borders of Buckinghamshire. We are well-known suppliers of commercial goods lifts for Buckinghamshire and our network of clients across the region are always keen to pass on our details to their peers and professional colleagues. As long-term designers of commercial goods lift for Buckinghamshire we bring both skills and experience to the challenges we’re presented with. We will always start by listening to the client, in order to gain a clear understanding the unique requirements their business presence. Whether we’re shifting cars, artworks, cupcakes, or shoes, we’ll bring our engineering expertise and creativity to bear, ensuring that the goods are transported reliably and efficiently to reach their desired destination.  

We’re a Goods Lift Company for Buckinghamshire, we have a team of experts ready and willing to help with a lift installation!


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