Glass Residential Elevators

Why Glass Residential Elevators Tick Every Box

Tower Lifts designers work regularly with clients across the UK who want to ensure they can remain in their own home as they get older. Many of our clients are currently living active lives and are looking for a home lift that looks great and enhances their current interior décor. Glass residential elevators are increasingly popular with people looking for a stylish solution to future proofing their home.

Why Choose A Home Lift?

Home lifts tend to be a popular choice with householders because they can be usefully employed both in the present, and in the future as getting up stairs becomes more difficult. Clients tell us that they prefer to use the stairs whilst they’re still active, but a residential lift comes in useful for older house guests, getting luggage upstairs, or as a fall-back if they suffer a sporting injury.

The Trend for Residential Glass Elevators

Glass elevators are ticking every box for our clients who are looking for stylish vertical transport in their home. Of course they look stunning, but there are also practical reasons why a glass lift is a great choice when future planning:

  • Many people feel slightly claustrophobic in lifts, especially small lifts for home use. A glass lift allows passengers to see outside the cabin, and provides a sense of expansiveness.
  • Care givers prefer glass lifts because they are able to clearly see the person inside, and maintain a supportive relationship with them.
  • Residential glass elevators are the simplest way for passengers in wheelchairs to access the different floors of their home.
  • Glass elevators look stunning and often become a centrepiece of your home. They also add value to your property.
  • Glass lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors – so if you have a stunning view, the glass lift can allow you to experience it whilst moving between floors.

Installing a Glass Lift

Tower Lifts is a leading UK provider of elegant, bespoke glass lifts for the home. We begin by visiting your home in order to understand your current and future needs, and determine the best place to locate your home lift. Our residential glass elevators don’t require a lift shaft, and so they’re quick and simple to install. You will be able to customise the lift internally and externally in order to achieve the style you require.

Maintenance and Repair

A home lift transforms people’s lives as they get older. Instead of having to contemplate a care home, they are able to maintain independent lives in their own home. For this reason, the maintenance of your home lift is vital – even if you’re not using it particularly often. Tower Lifts offers a maintenance and repair package that is tailored to your usage.

Working With Tower Lifts

For nearly 20 years now, Tower Lifts has been working with clients on bespoke solutions to future-proofing their homes. Our designers are adept at creating glass elevators that catch and enhance natural light within your home, and they always work to your specifications. We’ve helped to revolutionise home lifts in London and across the UK and, best of all, we’ve loved every moment.

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