Why Not Install a Glass Platform Lift?

Glass Platform Lift

Passenger lifts have always been more than a mode of transport.

Thanks to US cinema they’ve been lodged in our imaginations, and therefore our dreams, for decades. Which is one of the reasons why how they look has always been as important as how they work. The goods lift just doesn’t have the same allure, nor does the platform lift, until recently.

Platform lifts are popular because they solve a problem with elegance and flexibility. For people with impaired mobility, the platform lift has provided access to shops, workplaces, museums and their own homes. Its function has often overridden the way it looks, because it does its job so well. But now, with more and more vertical platform lifts being installed in people’s homes, the aesthetics are gaining in importance.

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Tower Lifts Install Glass Platform Lifts

For nearly two decades now, Tower Lifts designers have been creating platform lifts for residential installation. One of the most important elements of this work is talking through the way the lift will look. Many of our clients are nervous about the way a platform lift will change the ‘feel’ of their home. Knowing that they can control the way it looks is a positive way of coming to terms with the change.

Many residential clients like the idea of seamlessly integrating their platform lift into their home décor. As the residential lift market has matured, however, the range of materials and finishes has grown. Clients are now more daring with their choice of décor and requests for glass platform lifts are now becoming more commonplace.

Why Choose a Glass Platform Lift?

First and foremost, the increased demand for glass lifts demonstrates that a home platform lift is now something to celebrate and enjoy. Home décor is also changing to a more open plan style, providing more design options for residential lifts. Beyond that, though, there’s a range of benefits to opting for a glass platform lift:

  • Glass Blends With Your Decor. Whatever the style of your home’s interior, glass will integrate with it beautifully. A glass lift is stylish and elegant, wherever it’s installed.
  • A Glass Lift Enhances Natural Light. A platform lift made of glass will maximise the light in your home.
  • Expanding Dimensions. Home lifts tend to be quite small, and some passengers worry about feeling claustrophobic. Glass walls expand the sense of space available.
  • A Focus on Style. The glass lift can’t help but look contemporary and stylish. Having a lift which visitors find attractive and desirable is important for many of our clients.

Bespoke Platform Lifts From Tower Lifts

No matter how well one of our platform lifts functions, it has to look and feel right for our clients, too. That’s why we design bespoke platform lifts to fit the environment they’ll be operating in. Our experienced designers will take time to find out what kind of materials and finish will work best, and provide expert guidance on the range of options available. At Tower Lifts we’re passionate about creating lifts that look stunning and perform perfectly.

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