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Making an Impact With Glass Lifts

There’s something exciting about entering a glass lift. For years they spoke to us of a fantastic future in films, of sleek corporate power and mind-blowing architectural prowess. Now they’re available to all but they’ve managed to retain something of the glamour they always promised. Wherever they’re located – in hotels, executive suites, or shopping malls – glass lifts carry  a promise of a journey to somewhere beyond the ordinary.

For our clients, the glass lift offers an opportunity to give passengers an experience they’ll remember, whilst getting them comfortably from one floor to another. Often the requirement is for low key luxury, or sleek efficiency as a means of instilling the values of the business in a tangible way. For extra impact, we’ve also been asked to install a soundtrack to the experience, or a video screen offering supplementary information.

Tower Lifts Create Bespoke Glass Lifts

For the Tower Lifts team designing a glass lift is always a delight, simply because glass is such a great material to work with. Its translucency maximises the potential for natural light, and has the potential to naturally boost the moods of passengers. And a glass lift has the power of revelation: that stunning view, the exposed internal brickwork, the smooth efficiency of the lift mechanics.

Our design team creates bespoke glass lifts for unique buildings. These might include:

  • Scenic lifts that create a visual experience for passengers
  • Lifts for heritage sites that provide a privileged view of ancient brickwork
  • Lifts that transform industrial sites into a visitor experience
  • Showcase glass lifts in luxury retail environments

Collaborative Glass Lifts Custom Design

Once you’ve decided that your building could benefit from a glass lift, our designers start by getting to know your environment. They’ll begin with your vision, matched to the potential challenges presented by the architecture. The design plans they present will offer a technically possible, imaginative response to your requirements.

Beyond the design itself, there’s also a range of options that are available when creating a glass lift. These include:

  • The finish you require for the passenger cabin
  • Bespoke flooring, including the option of a glass floor
  • Custom etched windows
  • Exterior glass lifts

If you feel inspired by the idea of a glass lift, and would like to talk about your ideas, call the Tower Lift design team on 01525 601099

Passenger Safety and Inclusivity is Our Priority

However exciting the design, or the material we’re using, the safety of the passengers is always our number one priority. Our skilled and experienced engineers assess the predicted use of your glass lift. Their resultant design will build in the level of durability required in order to achieve long-standing reliability of service.

The British Standard BS 8300, requires that public buildings take the necessary steps to be fully inclusive spaces. This means that they should be accessible to all members of the public, immaterial of limited mobility. All our glass lifts are designed to provide access for passengers using wheelchairs, or mobility aids.

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

Domestic LiftsFood LiftsBespoke Platform LiftsService LiftsPlatform LiftsGoods LiftsScenic LiftsHeavy Duty / Car LiftsPassenger LiftsDumbwaiter LiftsMRL LiftsFire liftsResidential Liftslow-Headroom Lifts