Glass Lifts for Houses

Glass Lifts for Houses

Bespoke Glass Lift Designs

Glass lifts for houses are the ultimate in lifestyle choice and they’re part of a growing trend for high spec luxury homes. Our glass elevators are designed to turn heads, start conversations, and wow guests. A bespoke glass lift can be designed to fit into even the most compact space. Or you may choose to make the most of a panoramic view and provide house guests with a scenic lift experience in your home.

Tower Lifts Design Bespoke Glass Lifts for Houses

At Tower Lifts you’ll find designers who relish the opportunity to enhance your home with a range of glass lift shapes and sizes, including stunning circular glass lifts. If you’re considering a glass residential elevator for an existing house, we’ll start with a survey of your home. This allows us to offer detailed guidance on the kind of lift that would best suit your needs. When it comes to how your lift will look, we can offer recommendations or be guided by your vision.

Types of Glass Lifts for Houses

The range of home lifts is growing all the time. This means that there’s plenty of choice to choose from, whether you’re installing a home lift for now, or as an insurance against the future. Tower Lifts offers the following options:

  • Glass Home Lift. The home lift is compact and can carry 2-6 people. Bespoke home lifts can be designed and installed either as part of a new build, or in an existing house.
  • Glass Platform Lift. If you wish to install a lift which can accommodate a wheelchair, the bespoke platform lift is the ideal solution. It looks like a small passenger lift and can be crafted in a beautiful glass finish.
  • Circular Glass Lift. Designed gives you freedom from architectural constraint. The bespoke circular glass lift works dynamically with the features of your home or business.
  • Scenic Glass Lift. If you have a stunning view from your property, celebrate it with a bespoke scenic glass lift, and offer your guests an unforgettable experience.
  • External Glass Lift. These are enclosed in a glass shaft for panoramic views. External lifts for houses can be designed to optimise the views available, for up to 6 people.

Delivering the Very Best in Design

Glass is a luxurious material to work with, and our design and manufacturing goal is to optimise the translucent beauty it introduces into your home. Over the past two decades, Tower Lifts engineers and designers have worked alongside architects and building contractors to integrate our bespoke glass lifts into apartments, design-led homes and existing residential settings. All our lifts are manufactured to the highest standards and adhere to all safety regulations.

Why Work With Tower Lifts?

Tower Lifts is a leading provider of bespoke glass lifts for houses in the UK. Since 2006, we have designed stunning passenger lifts for boutique hotels, Glyndebourne Opera House, heritage properties, and luxury homes. Whether you’re looking for a glass lift as part of an architectural design, or as an installation in an existing house, Tower Lifts can guarantee a stunning result.

The Tower Lifts team has a reputation for innovative lift design, highly professional installation across the commercial and residential sectors. of our installation team. Passenger safety is always our priority; we are an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

Domestic Lifts • Food Lifts • Bespoke Platform Lifts • Service Lifts • Platform Lifts • Goods Lifts • Scenic Lifts • Heavy Duty / Car Lifts • Passenger Lifts • Dumbwaiter Lifts • MRL Lifts • Fire lifts • Residential Lifts • low-Headroom Lift