Glass Elevator

Perhaps the most famous ‘glass elevator’ is the one that exists between the covers of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. The famous author said that he was planning to use the more English ‘lift’ in the title, but felt it sounded so much less exciting than the word ‘elevator’.

Real versions of glass elevators are now appearing in hotels and business premises across the UK. They do all the things that regular passenger lifts have always done, of course, but glass elevators bring huge added value to their installers.

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Here are 5 benefits that businesses experience as a result of choosing a glass elevator:

1. Glass Lets the Light In

Films featuring 20th century lifts tend to show them artificially lit, often a the end of a long, gloomy corridor. Businesses have now fallen out of love with the lightbulb and are looking for ways to let more natural light into their buildings. Glass refracts sunlight, enhancing the light quality of the immediate environment. Research shows that this light quality is mood lifting. So, if you’re looking for a way to create happier employees and clients – a glass lift offers the solution.

2. The Design Potential is Huge

We know what a traditional lift looks like, but designers are still exploring the potential of the glass elevator. The material invites a minimalist aesthetic which looks as good in ultra-modern architecture, or a heritage building. The circular lift liberates elevator design from its original rectangular form, and offers a truly futuristic experience to passengers.

3. A Glass Elevator Saves Energy

An elevator that lets light in, obviously requires less artificial light than one that is completely enclosed. Whilst this may sound like a small saving, in fact, businesses that have installed a glass elevator report energy savings thanks to the reduction in lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation.

4. Great Branding Potential

A glass elevator is the obvious choice for a 21st century businesses such as digital technologies because it appears to remove barriers, and provide an untrammelled perspective. More traditional buildings benefit more acutely from the element of surprise, however, suggesting that both the past and future are balanced within the brand.

5. The Scenic Glass Lift

The scenic glass lift turns a view into an experience. There’s nothing quite like seeing a panorama emerge effortlessly in front of you. Many glass lifts remove all visual distractions, allowing an uninterrupted view. Of course, not everyone has classic vistas to show off, but the event of a glass lift has the wonderful effect of transforming the ordinary into the amazing.

Tower Lifts Designs and Installs Glass Elevators

Over the past decade Tower Lifts designers have been involved in the creation of glass lifts in London and across the UK. We particularly enjoy the freedom circular glass lift design provides, and our design team relish the challenge of creating bespoke glass lifts for historical buildings. Whatever the shape or context, our glass elevator designs are always driven by passenger safety, and performance durability.

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