Glass and Scenic Lifts

Glass and Scenic Lifts

Modern Design and Functionality with Bespoke Glass Lifts

The sleek elegance of glass and scenic lifts can transform buildings old and new. They blend effortlessly with both contemporary and traditional architecture, infusing spaces with natural light and a sense of openness. The speciality of the glass lift though, is its elevation of the ordinary journey between floors into a memorable encounter with a building or view.

Tower Lifts is an experienced partner in luxury lift design and installation, working alongside architects, property owners, and developers. We understand your vision and can help you realise the full potential of a glass lift – tailored to your building’s unique style.

Features Of Our Glass and Scenic Lifts

Here are some of the features that distinguish a bespoke glass lift designed and installed by the Tower Lifts team:

  • Sleek, Architectural Highlight. We understand that a glass lift is more than just transportation – it’s a statement piece. The Tower Lifts team create designs, select materials, and carefully refine finishes to ensure your lift becomes a uniquely beautiful addition to your space.
  • Spacious Feel, Compact Footprint. Glass lifts open up traditional lift interiors and maximise natural light. Our innovative design approach allows us to work with even the smallest of spaces without sacrificing the luxurious and airy feel of a glass lift.
  • Bespoke for Your Needs. From control panels to unique design elements, we tailor every aspect of your lift to match your building’s style and your specific requirements. Our goal is a lift that effortlessly supports your vision and day-to-day functionality.
  • Safety and Reliability. Beauty shouldn’t compromise performance. We integrate the latest technology and safety standards into every lift, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for passengers.
  • Energy Efficiency. Glass lifts naturally promote energy savings by welcoming natural light. We can further optimise your lift with energy-efficient features for a sustainable solution.

Types of Glass Lifts – Finding Your Perfect Fit

When deciding on the perfect glass lift for your building, there are numerous possibilities. It’s our experience that every project has unique needs and aesthetic preferences, so let’s survey some of the distinctive glass lift options we offer at Tower Lifts:

Curved Glass Lift – A Statement of Design

If you want to create an instant and lasting impression, a curved glass lift is an ideal choice. The smooth, flowing lines of the glass add a touch of artistry and transform your lift into an arresting architectural feature. This type of lift excels in:

  • High-Profile Spaces – Enhance the visual impact of office atriums, public buildings, or museum entrance halls.
  • Designs with Curves – Stylishly integrate the lift with existing curved architectural elements within your building.
  • Dramatic Focal Points – Create a stunning centrepiece that transforms the dynamics of the entire space.
Curved Glass Lift
Panoramic Lifts

Panoramic Lifts – Experience the View

For spaces with stunning views to celebrate, a panoramic lift offers an unparalleled experience. Passengers are treated to privileged views that reveal themselves as your lift ascends. Here’s where panoramic lifts shine:

  • Buildings with Exceptional Views. Whether it’s a cityscape, natural landscape, or an interior atrium, panoramic lifts invite users to see surroundings from a privileged viewing point.
  • Enhanced User Experience. The 360-degree visibility eliminates any sense of confinement and creates an open, airy feel within the lift car.
  • Architectural Focal Point. Panoramic lifts become a dynamic visual element, adding both beauty and functionality to your building.

Scenic Lifts – Embracing the Surroundings

When blending a lift with its environment is a top priority, a scenic lift offers the ideal solution. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, scenic lifts provide expansive views to enhance the user experience and create a harmonious connection with the surroundings. Consider a scenic lift for:

Scenic Lifts
  • Natural Landscapes. Passengers are able to fully appreciate stunning gardens, forests, or coastlines while they ascend or descend.
  • Architectural Integration. Create a synergy between the lift and a building’s architectural features, whether it’s a historic structure or a modern design.
  • Unique Visitor Experiences. Scenic lifts can become integral parts of attractions, offering breathtaking viewpoints and a memorable journey.

Tower Lifts has the expertise to turn your scenic lift vision into reality. Our experience, such as the scenic lift installation at Kew Gardens’ Treetop Walkway, demonstrates our ability to deliver bespoke solutions that enhance any environment.

Transform Spaces and with Tower Lifts’ Glass and Scenic Lifts

Move beyond the ordinary with a glass or scenic lift that seamlessly blends breathtaking design, expansive views, and sustainable technology. At Tower Lifts, we collaborate with you to realise a bespoke glass lift solution that perfectly aligns with your architectural vision and delivers an unforgettable user experience.

Our ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS certifications give piece of mind of the highest standards.

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