Fire Evacuation Lifts

All public and residential buildings are required to design and regularly rehearse their emergency procedures in the event of a crisis such as fire or flooding. At the heart of this planning is the efficient dispersal of everyone within the building to a safe location, whilst avoiding ‘bottlenecks’ in corridors, or on stairways, which could cause panic, injuries or loss to life. Emergency planning has to take into special account the evacuation of disabled people who may not be able to access the fire exits without using vertical transport.

Lifts Designed for Use in an Emergency

Fire Evacuation Lifts

Fire Evacuation Lift

The fire evacuation lift is specially designed to ensure the following guidelines are met:

  • To ensure protection against water.
  • To ensure effective access via trapdoors or ladders to facilitate rescue.
  • All controls fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Additionally, the fire evacuation lift will have an override facility, or priority recall, which would enable firefighters to take over the controls of the lift in order to bring it to safety, or to access the passenger cabin if use of the trapdoors is required.

Professional Safety Assured with Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is aware, when fitting Fire Evacuation lifts, that we are providing an emergency exit for people who are experiencing critical conditions and are placing their safety in our hands. The stringency of the regulations which apply to Fire Evacuation lifts is notoriously high and we take every precaution, in both the design and installation phase, to ensure that we are providing every safeguard and support for passengers accessing vertical transport in a crisis.

Achieving Fire Evacuation Standards for Lifts

No-one intends to put people in danger, but owners of residential apartment blocks can sometimes overlook their vertical transport when considering evacuation plans for the building. Our lift design and installation team have over 15 years of experience installing Fire Evacuation lifts and we are always happy to carry out an assessment of an existing installation, in order to offer advice and guidance on refurbishment or replacement to bring it in line with current guidelines.

Passenger Safety Is Our Business Every Day

Anyone who works with vertical transport knows that passenger safety is their top priority on a daily basis; that’s why our lift installers are carefully selected on the basis of their skills, their experience, and the level of personal responsibility they are prepared to invest in each and every lift installation. As a team we demand the highest standards of ourselves every day – which is why you can rely on our products in an emergency.

Our fire evacuation lifts offer a convenient and effective solution to evacuation procedures in apartment properties.

If you are searching for a bespoke solution or maintenance for an existing fire evacuation lift, we are here to help

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