Installing Fire Evacuation Lifts for Kent

We’ve probably all travelled in fire evacuation lifts when staying in hotels, or attending business meetings in high-rise buildings – because the fire evacuation lift operates in exactly the same way as a normal passenger lift, unless there’s an emergency. We’d probably prefer not to think about the possibility of conflagration when travelling in the confined space of an elevator passenger cabin, but the very fact that these lifts have been installed increases passenger safety and make the work of the fire services more effective.

The Purpose of Fire Evacuation Lifts

Fire evacuation lift requirements state that all public or residential buildings with an elevation of 18m above, or 10m below fire services access are required by law to fit a fire evacuation lift. The installation serves two clear safety purposes:

  • Evacuation of Disabled Residents – whilst lifts should never be used in case of a fire by able-bodied residents, for those with limited mobility the fire evacuation lift can be a lifesaver. For this reason, all fire evacuation lifts need to meet all DDA requirements.
  • Specialist Use by Firefighters – the firefighter lift should have override controls which allow firemen to take control of the mechanism, and to use it – whilst practicable – to access floors where rescue or fire-fighting is required. To aid their efforts, firefighter lifts are fitted with ladders, a trapdoor, and protection against flooding.

Fire Evacuation Lifts

If you are in need of a fire evacuation lift in Kent and surrounding areas then please give us a call, we have a team of experts ready!


High Demand for Fire Evacuation Lifts for Kent

Tower Lifts is no stranger to Kent and over the past two decades we have advised numerous clients on the fire evacuation lift requirements, and have received requests for the installation of a fire evacuation lift in schools, residential care homes, hotels, apartment blocks and office buildings. Our installation engineers also carry out assessments on existing passenger lifts, and can offer guidance and advice on the upgrade required to meet DDA regulations and fire evacuation lift requirements.

At Tower Lifts, passenger safety is a daily priority. Our advice to anyone with responsibility for the management of a public building, is to check out the plans for evacuating the building – in case of a fire – and have a thorough assessment of your existing lift service. We promise that we’ll give you advice that could save lives, and help you to sleep better at night!

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