Fire Evacuation Lift for Wesley House, Luton

A fire evacuation lift is essential for safety reasons. In a busy apartment building, residents require procedures that will ensure their safety in an emergency situation. In the event of an evacuation or a general emergency, a fire evacuation lift will help residents, especially the disabled or elderly, reach safety in an efficient and timely manner.

Our newest project is to produce a BS9999 fire evacuation lift for Wesley House, Luton

Fire Evacuation Lift

Fire Evacuation Lift

This apartment building will see the replacement of a thirty year old lift with an eight person, ten stop fire evacuation passenger lift. To comply with British safety requirements, this ageing apartment lift needed to meet current standards. In order to comply with UK fire safety regulation, a passenger lift should be used for the evacuation of the disabled or for firefighter access.

While certain lifts can possibly be upgraded, the complete replacement of a thirty year old passenger lift allows for regulations to be fully met and to allow the new lift to fit with the buildings decor and design aesthetic.

A fire evacuation lift allows for less congestion via staircases in the event of an emergency as well as providing quick access for the emergency services. Those with limited mobility located in higher rise apartment buildings also require access to a fire evacuation lift.

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Our passenger lifts offer a convenient and effective solution to evacuation procedures in apartment properties.

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