Finding Reliable Elevator Maintenance and Repair

Finding Reliable Elevator Maintenance and Repair

6 Questions to Ask Maintenance & Repair Providers

Elevators play a critical role in our lives. Whether in the office, at home or out shopping, they provide access, increase productivity, and enhance safety in the work place. A broken lift, therefore, is about far more than user frustration; it impacts profits, halts daily life for wheelchair users and increases the risk of work-based accidents.

Finding reliable elevator maintenance and repair is, therefore, critical. For those of you feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the task, Tower Lifts can help. We’ve compiled 6 key questions to ask repair and maintenance companies you’re thinking of working with – and we’ve included the kind of answers you should expect in response.

Question 1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Ideally, you want an elevator maintenance and repair company that is well-established in the industry. You should also check the number of maintenance and repair engineers they have working for them. If a company has lasted in the business for more than a decade without attracting a negative reputation, it’s a sign that you can rely on them.

Question 2. How Quickly Do You Respond to Emergency Repair Calls?

This is a key question. An emergency repair company should offer 24/7 service and be able to guarantee prompt attendance on your premises. You need to know that there are engineers available, local to your business location, who can be with you fast if you need them day, or night.

Question 3. What Kind of Maintenance Do You Offer?

An experienced maintenance company will provide preventive maintenance that’s designed to maximise the lifetime of your lift and minimise repair call outs. A maintenance engineer will schedule in regular visits – usually 1-2 a year – and work through a maintenance checklist, rather like servicing a car.

Question 4. Which Elevators Can You Maintain and Repair?

Bit of a trick question, this. Experienced elevator engineers can work across a range of different systems and models. You should expect your maintenance company to feel comfortable dealing with passenger lifts, goods lifts, and platform lifts. There shouldn’t be any question of using different companies for each product.

Elevator Lift Repair

Question 5. Do You Provide Bespoke Maintenance Contracts?

Beware the elevator maintenance company that offers you a maintenance package price without auditing your system. The size, age, function, and maintenance history of your elevators will determine the level of maintenance required. You should ask, also about what is included in the price of the maintenance package:

  • 24/7 emergency repairs?
  • Ongoing maintenance repairs?
  • Component replacement?

Question 6. Do You Make Recommendations For Modernisation and Refurbishment?

As an elevator ages, the replacement of components with modernised alternatives can extend the life of your system and keep it running efficiently. Ideally your elevator maintenance engineer can be relied upon to recommend timely modernisation, and refurbishment as and when appropriate.

Finally, don’t forget to look at customer reviews – they can often save you a good deal of time and money!

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