External Wheelchair Platform Lifts

External Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Imagine you’re a wheelchair user travelling between A and B in your town or city. This new perspective will, most likely, present you with a variety of impediments that are invisible to non-disabled walkers. You’ll encounter steps, split level pavements, and a frustrating lack of access to certain shops and buildings. Whilst huge progress has been made in the creation of an inclusive urban environment, there’s still much to do.

External wheelchair platform lifts have had a huge part to play in enhancing access for people with impaired mobility. It’s now relatively simple to remove obstacles using this flexible technology. Tower Lifts has been installing internal and external platform lifts for nearly two decades now, and we’ve seen demand grow in that time. In this blog we look at the range of external platform lifts and their uses.

The Platform Lift Technology

A wheelchair platform lift is a mechanism designed to lift both a wheelchair and its occupant up in order to overcome an obstacle such as steps, or split level flooring. External wheelchair lifts are now fitted to public transport, the outside of buildings, public stairways and stepped entrances to public and commercial buildings.

Inclined Wheelchair Platform Lifts

An inclined platform lift is designed to carry a person using a wheelchair up a set of steps. The design is normally bespoke given that steps vary in length, depth, and shape. Over the years Tower Lifts designers have created curved and straight inclined wheelchair lifts for a variety of steps, inside and out. We’ve even designed external wheelchair platform lifts for a spiral staircase.

External Wheelchair Step Lifts

Step lifts help people in wheelchairs negotiate small fights of steps, or split level pavement formations. These are also known as low rise lifts. They are especially popular in helping to make shopping areas, or historic homes and gardens accessible. Tower Lifts has installed a number of bespoke step lifts that are integrated with their environment. This renders them invisible until required.

External Vertical Wheelchair Platform Lifts

The vertical platform lift looks like a compact version of a traditional passenger lift. It is normally large enough for one wheelchair user, and is fully customised for seated use. The platform lift can travel through 2-3 floors at a rate of 15MPS. The adaptability of the technology makes them a perfect solution for shops, public buildings, schools, museums and residential environments.

The external vertical platform lift is now growing in popularity because of the ease with which it can be installed. This durable, hard-working solution saves on space internally, and can often make the journey easier and more direct for users.

Tower Lifts is an Experienced Platform Lift Installer

Tower Lifts is a leading external wheelchair platform lift designer and installer. Our team has extensive experience, working across the UK and globally, creating the ideal solution to fit your environment and your budget.

Tower Lifts is a leading designer and installer of external wheelchair platform lifts. We provide standard and bespoke solutions. Call us on 01525 601099