External Platform Lift, Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin was established by Elizabeth I in 1592, modelled on Cambridge and Oxford. Back in the 16th century it was located outside the city walls. Now it’s firmly a part of 21st century Dublin, sitting on College Green, opposite the Irish Houses of Parliament. Tower Lifts is delighted to have completed work on an external integrated platform lift for this prestigious research university.

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An Integrated Lift for Inclusive Access

The TLP1000 Integrated Lift provides a clever and stylish form of access for wheelchair users. In this case the lift was required to provide vertical transport up a short set of stone steps located externally in a cobbled courtyard. This model can also be tailored to provide access to curved stairs, up to a height of 1 metre.

Key to the success of this particular project was the seamless integration of the lift with its distinctive, heritage environment. This required the careful integration of cobbled paving and stone steps into the lift design. When inert, the lift is almost invisible to the eye. When activated, however, the elegant mechanism springs into action, providing a smooth journey between the courtyard and the top of the steps.

A Bespoke Lift Design

Tower Lift designers worked with our Trinity College client to create a lift solution tailored to their unique needs. In the past we’ve created integrated lifts in art galleries, gardens, hotels and restaurants. Each one is designed to retain the original aesthetic of the environment, whilst maintaining inclusivity of access as a base line requirement.

Working in Populated Environments

The Trinity College lift drew intense interest from students and the public during the installation process. We never consider this a distraction. In fact we welcome interest in the work we do as it tends to lend additional value to the finished installation. Each of our Tower Lifts engineers knows that many of our lift installations will take place in public environments. We consider it an integral part of our professionalism to present a friendly and open response to public enquiry.

A Platform Lift Company

We’ve always been advocates for the use of the platform lift, because it provides such a flexible and innovate starting point for access. Whether our clients are retailers, office managers or house owners, the platform lift provides a competitively priced option.

Our standard platform lift models are:

Wherever a lift is required in spite of limited space, or awkward architecture,platform lifts are like the cavalry riding into action. Our design team enjoys a challenge, and they haven’t yet come across an environment for which they couldn’t find a vertical transport solution.

A Platform Lift Company You Can Rely On

For over 15 years now, Tower Lifts has been a leading provider of top quality platforms lifts across the UK and globally. We have a reputation for innovation, stunning design and installation excellence. We’re passionate about what we do, and we believe that our work demonstrates that.

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