External Lifts for Houses

Tower Lifts has always been the champion of the platform lift. For over fifteen years now, we’ve been creating bespoke vertical transport solutions for families in their homes. To date, our focus has been on internal platform lifts, but we’re now designing a number of external lifts for houses. These have the same goal of providing access, but they sit outside the house, rather than inside it.

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Why Install External Lifts for Houses?

Future-proofing your home is a big step to take. Many of our clients are uneasy about installing straight or curved incline platform lifts on their stairs, or vertical cabin lifts from one floor to another because of the space they take up. In a few cases, an internal lift is made impossible by architectural constraints. The ideal solution to these problems is be to relocate the lift to the outside of the house.

  • A Space-Saving Option. Where your home is simply too small, or architecturally constrained, to allow for an internal lift, the external option is ideal. It provides design flexibility and can either be attached to an outside wall, or free-standing with a walkway to your home.
  • Simple to Install. An external platform lift is normally quick and easy to install. Your daily household routine won’t be disturbed, and once it’s in place you’ll have access to all floors. Bespoke external lifts are customised to match the style of your property. At Tower Lifts we always aim to offer an elegant enhancement of your property.
  • A Value-Add For Your Property. Homes with platform lifts inside or out are becoming highly desirable on the property market. Families may not necessary require the lift for themselves, but it is a welcome resource if they have friends or family with limited mobility coming to stay.

Outdoor Garden Lifts

Future-proofing your home includes the garden. Many of our clients have beautiful homes which are accessed by a flight of stone steps, or have split-level gardens. Tower Lifts designs bespoke outdoor platform lifts for short flights of steps leading to the front door, or for curving flight of steps if your house is on an incline. Our platform lifts can literally be designed to overcome virtually any access problem outside your property.

Expert Platform Lift Designers

All you need to do is shown us the problem you need solved, we’ll do the rest. Our bespoke designs will take into account both your practical and aesthetic requirements. Platform lifts for garden use can be seamlessly integrated so that they appear only when required. Former lifts have been camouflaged as paving slabs, cobbles and even grass!

Tower Lifts are Experienced Platform Lift Installers

Working with Tower Lifts provides you with highly skilled designers and installers who have years of experience to bring to their work. They also understand the concerns expressed by older and disabled clients when making the decision to invest in a platform lift. For this reason we take time to talk through the process and encourage our customers to weigh up the pros and cons before making their decision.

Tower Lifts design and install bespoke external lifts for houses and gardens. If this is something you’re considering, call us on 01525 601099

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