Evacuation Lift Bedfordshire

Evacuation Lift Bedfordshire

Looking to Install an Evacuation Lift in Bedfordshire?

The Tower Lifts team always considers it a privilege to be contracted to install an evacuation lift in Bedfordshire. This life-saving vertical transport is designed to provide an escape route, in the event of a fire, for people who are wheelchair users, or are mobility impaired.

In this blog we look at the differences between an evacuation lift and a firefighting lift. We also provide a case study for an evacuation lift we installed in Luton, Bedfordshire.

What is a FireFighting Lift?

This is a lift that is used by firefighters to access and transport their equipment to all floors in a multi-storey building. Firefighting lifts will function as passenger lifts in normal circumstances. Should the fire alarm go off, though, the lift will return to the ground floor and no longer respond to passenger calls. The firefighting lift override gives fire service access only.

Firefighting lifts are required in all buildings with floors higher than 18 metres, or basement floors 10 metres below street access. Specialist features integrated into firefighting lifts include:

  • Separate power supply
  • Ladders and trap doors
  • Fire and water protection for electrics
  • Emergency intercom and lift operation

What is an Evacuation Lift?

This is a lift that is used by passengers in wheelchairs, or with mobility impairments, in case of a fire. Instead of returning to the ground floor when triggered by an alarm system, an evacuation lift is managed by a designated warden. They will manage the use of the lift, in accordance with training, to ensure people have safe passage to the ground floor.

An evacuation lift operates as a normal passenger lift, until triggered by the fire alarm system. They are required in buildings with floors over 18 metres high, or 10 metres below street level. Specialist features delineating an evacuation lift include:

  • Emergency intercom and lift operation
  • Separate power supply
  • Training for evacuation warden (provided by owner or building manager)

Case Study – BS9999 Evacuation Lift Installation in Luton, Bedfordshire

We replaced a 30-year-old passenger lift in the Wesley House apartment block with a new 8 person, 10 stop evacuation passenger lift. The BS9999 model is designed to be used in buildings occupied by vulnerable people, such as hospitals, care homes or multi-storey apartment blocks.

The BS9999 evacuation lift is available as a normal sized passenger lift, but in hospitals or care homes it is more usually installed as a larger capacity lift in order to transport people in hospital beds, or on stretchers.

Case Study - BS9999 Evacuation Lift Installation in Luton, Bedfordshire

Working With Tower Lifts

For more than 15 years now, the Tower Lifts team has been installing firefighting and evacuation lifts in Bedfordshire. Our design team are able to configure your lift to meet your specific requirements, and we always find an appropriate, bespoke solution for clients. Once your evacuation lift is fitted, we can provide scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs, ensuring that it continues to meet building and safety standards.

Would you like to talk to a specialist installer about an evacuation lift installation in Bedfordshire? Call us today on 01525 601099

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