Ensure the safety of your staff and visitors with a Firefighter Lift

We all know the importance of regulations and safety protocols in public buildings, and the strict guidelines that enforce these safety standards. None are more stringent than fire regulations, which require buildings and environments to provide additional protection controls and signals to protect lifts in the case of fire. Our Firefighter Lifts have been developed to meet every and all criteria of fire safety regulation across the UK and beyond, making them some of the safest lifts on the market.

Our Firefighter Lifts are specially designed to protect passengers and equipment against water in the event of a fire emergency, and offer ease of access for rescue from either inside or outside the lift car via emergency trapdoors and accessible ladders. Built into the system is a priority recall for our Firefighter Lifts, and the control unit can also be put under the Firefighter’s control to implement access and rescues dependent on the ever-changing scenarios.


Firefighter Lifts comply with the strictest regulations from across the globe, including:

  • European EN81-73fire fighter lift
  • Fire Fighting EN81-72
  • Evacuation Lift BS9999 (U.K.)
  • AS1735 Anex A (Australia)
  • GOST R 52382-2010 (Russia)
  • NFP 81-207 (France)
  • Firemen Function (Belgium)


Surpassing basic standards of safety, speed, resistance and energy-efficiency in every way, our Firefighter Lifts meet every demand levelled at them. Effective and operational year in, year out, our lifts are manufactured to last and won’t breakdown under even the most strenuous conditions, making them a fantastic investment for both longevity and safety.

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