Elevator Repairs

Prompt Elevator Repairs Are A Priority

Ever found yourself rushing for a meeting, only to be confronted with a broken lift and numerous flights of stairs to climb? It’s frustrating in any environment, and if lift breakdowns happen regularly, users will become reluctant to rely on the service. Trouble is, however hard you work to reduce the risk of your lift being out of action, there’s always a chance it could happen. Which is why reliable elevator repairs are a must for any business.

Signs That Elevator Repair is Required?

Lifts are complex pieces of machinery, so there’s plenty of ways in which they can go wrong. If attended to quickly, many issues are relatively minor. But if left, they can develop into a major problem that could cause a lift breakdown.

Tower Lifts engineers regularly deal with:

  • Noisy and rattling lifts
  • Malfunctioning LED display panel
  • Juddering between floors
  • Doors not opening properly
  • Lift operating slowly

How Much Do Elevator Repairs Cost?

Emergency lift repairs are very expensive if you don’t have a contract which covers them. First you have to factor in the time spent trying to find a lift repair service that will attend promptly. Then there’s the potential loss of productivity from people not being able to access their place of work. Finally, there’s the bill, charged at premium rates because of the urgency of your requirements.

Whereas, if you have an elevator repair and maintenance contract, you’ll be covered for both running repairs and emergency call-outs. And there’s always a reliable emergency number to call, night or day.

Is a Maintenance Contract Required by Law?

Any building, or business, providing public access to a lift is subject to LOLER and PUWAR regulations. In order to be compliant it’s necessary to have regular maintenance and lift servicing. The easiest, and most efficient, way to manage this is to enter into a tailored repair and maintenance contract that provides scheduled lift services throughout the year.

What is a Tailored Lift Repair and Maintenance Contract?

Not all lifts are equal when it comes to maintenance and lift repairs. That’s why Tower Lifts carry out a detailed audit of lifts before offering recommendations on the range of services required. We’ll take into account the age of the lift, its location in the building, the function it fulfils, and its daily volume.

A comprehensive repair and maintenance contract would include a set schedule of maintenance checks, running repairs, and emergency breakdown repairs.

Why Work With Tower Lifts?

We’re one of the UK’s leading elevator repair and maintenance contractors. For close to two decades our skilled and experienced engineers have managed the safety and smooth running of lifts for businesses large and small. When attending emergency breakdowns, Tower Lifts teams are trained to manage the situation, not just the lift. So we’ll calm anxious passengers and diffuse frustrated users, as well as getting your elevator working as quickly as possible.

Looking for reliable elevator repairs? Call the Tower Lifts team to find out more about the range of cost-effective services we can offer you – 01525 601099