Elevator Modernisation

The installation of an elevator is a major investment and, as such, it’s expected to last. With regular lift maintenance and servicing your vertical transportation can be relied upon to sustain high levels of performance for around two to three decades. As the system gets older, however, the return on investment of your installation tends to drop – and it’s time to make decisions about elevator modernisation.

What is Elevator Modernisation?

As elevators get older their components become worn and outdated. As this occurs, the options are to either install a new lift, or modernise. Elevator modernisation is the more cost-effective approach, as it comprises the replacement of critical components. These allow of the integration of new technology, improve the look of the passenger cabin and doors, and improve both performance and safety.

Signs That Elevator Modernisation is Necessary

Frequent lift breakdown and repairs is the most obvious signal that modernisation is required, but it’s not the only one. There are a number of other symptoms that may not be spotted so easily:

  • Excessive Energy Use. Older models of elevator will use much high levels of energy. Modernising reduces the demand on energy, and makes usage more cost-efficient.
  • Long Wait Times. This is a sure sign that your elevator requires an upgrade. Often the problem lies with wear and tear caused by age, and requires replacement parts.
  • Shabby Look. Levators don’t get shabby overnight, they slowly decline. Often the sign that they’re in terminal decline is a lack of passengers.
  • Frequent Breakdowns. If you have an emergency repair team these can be remedied quickly, but frequent breakdowns reduce trust and harm your bottom line.

Tower Lifts Offers Elevator Modernisation

If you have a maintenance contract with Tower Lifts, you’ll never get to a ‘crisis point’ with modernisation. That’s because our aim is to extend the life of your lift, safely and economically. So we’ll be planning modernisation of your components incrementally as the need arises. With long term planning like this, there’s no need to find large sums of money for modernisation projects.

Where we’re asked to manage the modernisation of a legacy lift, Tower Lifts engineers begin with an audit. In the subsequent report we’ll recommend necessary and recommended modernisation, detailing the benefits and the resulting cost efficiencies.

Typical Lift Modernisation Programmes

There are four modernisation programmes we offer. A major elevator modernisation would employ all four simultaneously. More often, modernisation projects take place incrementally as budget becomes available.

  1. Lift Control/Drive Systems. Improving speed, performance and energy use.
  2. Lift Car and Landing Doors. Improving performance of lift for passengers.
  3. Regulatory Improvements. Aligning the elevator to current safety regulations.
  4. Look and Feel of Lift. Refurbishment/replacement of the cabin wall, floor and ceiling.

Working With Tower Lifts on Elevator Modernisation

Tower Lifts engineers provide lift maintenance, servicing and consultancy to building managers, businesses, or lift owners. For nearly two decades now, we’ve been providing cost-effective services to ensure the safety of passengers, the sustained quality of lift performance, and the durability of lift systems.

Elevator Modernisation is a cost-efficient alternative to lift replacement. Talk to Tower Lifts specialist about modernising your lift today –  01525 601099